As Long As I Love

Dolly Parton

As Long As I Love

Listado de canciones del álbum As Long As I Love

  1. Why, Why, Why 2:19
  2. I Wound Easy 2:17
  3. I Don´t Want You Around Me Anymore 2:04
  4. Hillbilly Willy 1:55
  5. This Boy Has Been Hurt 2:15
  6. Daddy Won´t Be Home Anymore 2:52
  7. As Long As I Love 2:42
  8. A Habit I Can´t Break 3:15
  9. I´m Not Worth The Tears 2:33
  10. I Don´t Trust Me Around You 2:54
  11. I Couldn´t Wait Forever 2:23
  12. Too Lonely Too Long 2:21

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