Jethro Tull


Listado de canciones del álbum Benefit

  1. With You There to Help Me 6:15
  2. Nothing To Say 5:10
  3. Alive and Well and Living In*+
  4. Son 2:48
  5. For Michael Collins, Jeffery and Me
  6. To Cry You a Song 6:09
  7. A Time for Everything? 2:42
  8. Inside 3:46
  9. Play in Time 3:44
  10. Sossity: You’re a Woman
  11. Singing All Day*
  12. Witch's Promise*
  13. Just Trying to Be*
  14. Teacher + (UK mix)*

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  1. paco: Este disco es algo mas oscuro y turbio que los 2 anteriores.Luego corrigieron con living in the past y sobre todo con thick as a brick. De todas formas, son irrepetibles.

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