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In Our Lifetime

Listado de canciones del álbum In Our Lifetime

  1. Ego Tripping Out 7:15
  2. Praise 4:52
  3. Life Is for LearningVer letra 3:40


    letra de Life Is for Learning

    Oh, oh my darling
    Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah

    The artist pays the price
    So you won't have to pay
    If only we would listen
    To what they have to say

    There are songs from wisdom
    There are songs from satan
    There are songs from lovin'
    And there are songs from hatin'

    There are songs from lust
    And there are songs from pain
    Some songs were done by chosen men
    Some from men, insane

    Groove, baby, groove on the light, one time
    Groove, baby, on the right
    Dance, baby, to the light this time
    Dance sugar, on the right side

    Groove, baby, groove on the light this time
    Groove, baby, on the right side
    Dance, baby, to the light, lookin' good
    Dance, baby, to the light

    Some songs will show which way to go
    If only you would listen
    Bad songs that turn you on
    Show you how much is missing

    Songs we're meant to listen to
    You're checkin' out the best
    Good songs were sent to men from God
    Help us pass the test

    Life is for learning
    And the purpose is joinin' up
    With the love of thousand bodies needed
    But your soul is never destroyed

    Your love, darling, this is all we desire
    And all they want is a little understanding, yeah
    Sometimes a song can prophesize a warning from the Master
    To make your soul listen to, make your learnin' faster

    The Devil have his special plan
    To make hot songs for sinners
    Thank God we'll turn it around
    And make good songs for winners

    Ay, did you know
    Some songs can corrupt your flesh to dust
    The only song you should live
    Are songs that you can trust
    The artist pays the price

  4. Love Party 5:00
    Músicos invitados: Joseph Mayo (Percussion)
  5. Funk Me 5:28
  6. Far Cry 4:33
    Arreglos: Frank BlairMúsicos invitados: Nigel Martinez (Drums), Robert Ahwry (Guitar), Fleecy Joe James (Percussion)
  7. Love Me Now or Love Me Later 4:59
  8. Heavy Love Affair 3:48
    Músicos invitados: Raphael Ravenscroft (Alto Saxophone), Frank Blair (Bass), Frank Blair (Drums), Marvin Gaye (Keyboards), Marvin Gaye (Drums)
  9. In Our Lifetime 6:58

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