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Live at the London Palladium

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  1. Intro Theme 2:34
  2. All the Way AroundVer letra 3:50


    letra de All the Way Around

    Do you wanna do it let's it get it on
    But how you gonna act this time around
    Before I take it off down to the skin
    Let's get an understanding

    Girl you didn't understand my philosophy
    You did not understand
    You just ran away from me
    Oh, I miss you baby

    Ohh I miss you baby, I miss you
    You're the best I ever had
    You're so bad baby
    But I must like you like that

    Although you won't let me control this or that
    Contantly playing this tit for tat
    Ah now I see you're coming straight to the point
    You say the more you get baby

    Ah, the more you want me
    Yeah, darling you're not waisting my time
    What I see baby is so hard to find
    Although you've been all over town baby

    Having your affairs, I still have to accept you back
    Angel though you're promiscuious I don't mind a bit
    'Cause you're still the greatest lay even when you're miles away
    Girl if you run away again

    Surely my heart would never mend
    Don't tell me the love we made
    Was just for old times sake
    Staying up waiting for you to come home at night

    Was just so hard to take
    She said that pain might never mend
    So let's be sometime lovers
    Oh, baby that's when my poor heart broke up

    Well, if you got a girl and you want her for your wife
    You got to treat her good and love her all your life

  3. Since I Had YouVer letra 4:59


    letra de Since I Had You

    This is the story of two lovers who shouldn't have been
    They did their thing and went their separate ways again
    Then by chance they met at the neighborhood dance
    And got that old feeling all over again. He said,
    How much have you missed me since I had you

    How much. How much.
    Ooh I really wonderedÐ’... girl
    Wondered if you remember baby
    How good you made it to me darling
    Such a thrillÐ’...
    But it's been so hard since I had you baby

    Ah sugar, come on give me a break
    Cause it's been so hard since I had you baby

    My - eyes must look serious
    Cause when I look at you I get delirious
    YourÐ’... voice sounds so serious
    But since we're still friends
    Let me make love to you again - baby

    Don't make me wait
    Been so hard since I had your sugar
    Don't make me wait
    Been so hard since I had you baby

    Big Daddy Rucker is sho' nuff gettin down'
    AhhhÐ’... this is a mello dance
    OuhÐ’... baby it's been such a long time
    Remember when I used to do this to you
    (Ad lib) Come on, let this be the last dance

    Since I had you girl I haven't wanted no other lover
    Since I had you honey there hasn't been no other woman
    Since I had you baby there hasn't been no other woman
    Since I taste your loving I haven't seen no other woman
    Since I had you baby there hasn't been no other woman
    You might not believe it but since I had you baby there hasn't been no other woman

  4. Come Get to ThisVer letra 2:24


    letra de Come Get to This

    Girl, you've been gone away a real long time
    Now I really went out of my mind
    I miss your lovin' when you left, baby you did
    Ah baby, come here, let me caress you
    Ah ah baby your letters, ah tell me what you missed
    Come here, sugar, and get to this
    Ah baby, I want you here
    I want to do something freaky to you
    I want you to feel just what I felt ah
    Ah baby, come get to this

  5. Let's Get It On 6:21
  6. Trouble ManVer letra 5:39


    letra de Trouble Man

    Trouble Man 3: 48 Trk 6
    Marvin Gaye
    Original release Nov. 21, 1972
    Tamla Records single #54228 released Nov. 21, 1972
    Pop Chart #7 Dec. 16, 1972+
    Album: 'Trouble Man' Motown Records la, ca.
    #31453-0097-2 mst; Fox Movie 'Trouble Man'
    Marvin Gaye - composer, drums, keybrds
    Vocals & producer.
    Trevor Lawre -sax (alto, baritone & tenor)
    Bob Ragland - piano, strings, arr.
    This trk - arr. Dale Oehler (horn & rhythm)
    Gene Page - strings & strings arr., James Anthon - horn
    & horn arr., Jack Hayes - arr, J. J. Johnson, Jerry Long
    & Leo Shuken - arr.

    I come up hard, baby
    But now I'm cool
    I didn't make it, sugar
    Playin' by the rules

    I come up hard, baby
    But now I'm fine
    I'm checkin' trouble, sugar
    Movin' down the line

    I come up hard, baby
    But that's okay, cause
    Trouble man
    Don't get in the way

    I come up hard, baby
    I'm in for real, baby
    Gonna keep movin'
    Gonna go to town

    I come up hard
    I come up, gettin' down
    There's only three things
    That's for sho'
    Taxes, death and trouble, h'oh!

    This I know, man, is
    This I know, sugar
    Girl, ain't gon' let it sweat me, baby

    Got me singin'
    Yeah! Yea-aah!

    Come up hard, baby
    I had to fight
    Took care of my bid'ness
    Wit' all my might

    I come up hard, awful hard
    I had to win
    Then start all over
    And win again

    I come up hard
    But that's okay, 'cause
    Trouble man
    Don't get in my way
    Hey, hey!

    I know some places
    And I see some faces
    I've got the connections
    I dig my directions
    What people say, that's okay
    They don't bother me, oh yeah

    I'm ready to make it
    Don't care what the weather
    Don't care 'bout no trouble
    Got myself together
    I feel the kind of protection
    That's all around me

    I come up hard, baby
    I be for real, baby
    With a trouble minds
    Movin', goin' to town

    I come up hard
    I come up, gettin' down
    There's only three things fo' sho'
    Taxes, death and trouble

    Ooh, this I've known, baby, ooo!
    This I've known, baby
    Ain't gon' let it sweat me, baby

    'I'm on the ground, yeah, yeah! '

    Woo, I come up hard
    But now I've cooled
    I didn't make it, baby
    Playin' by the rules

    Come up hard, baby
    Now, I'm fine, I've
    Checkin' trouble, sugar
    Hey, movin' down the line


  7. Medley I: Ain't That Peculiar/You're a Wonderful One/Stubborn Kind ... 8:49
  8. Medley II: Inner City Blues/God Is Love/What's Going on/Save the ... 9:49
  9. Medley III: You're All I Needto Get by/Ain't Nothing Like the ... 10:27
  10. Thanks 1:05
  11. Closing Theme: I Want You 3:47
  12. Got to Give It UpVer letra 11:52


    letra de Got to Give It Up

    I used to go out to parties
    And stand around
    'Cause I was too nervous
    To really get down
    But my body yearned to be free
    I got up on the dance floor baby
    So Somebody Could choose me

    No more standin' there beside the walls
    I done got myself together baby
    Now I'm havin' a ball
    As long as you're groovin'
    There's always a chance
    Somebody's watching
    Might wanna make romance

    Move your body, ooo baby, you dance all night
    To the groove and feel alright
    Everybody's groovin' on like a fool
    But if you see me - let me in
    Baby just party high and low
    Let me step into/ to your erotic zone

    Move it up
    Turn it 'round
    Ooo Shake it down

    You can love me when you want to babe
    This is such a groovy party baby
    We're here face to face
    Everybody's swingin'
    This is such a groovy place
    All the young ladies are so fine!

    You're movin your body easy with no doubts
    I know what you thinkin' baby
    You wanna turn me out
    Think I'm gonna let you do it babe

    Keep on dancin'
    You got to get it
    Got to give it up
    (Repeat until end)

    Músicos invitados: Frankie Gaye (Backing Vocals), Jan Hunter (Backing Vocals), Bugsy Wilcox (Drums), Johnny McGhee (Guitar), Marvin Gaye (Keyboards), Jack Ashford (Tambourine), Jack Ashford (Other [Hotel Sheet])

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