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Moods of Marvin Gaye

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  1. I'll Be Doggone 2:49
    Composición: William Robinson, Jr.
  2. Little Darling (I Need You)Ver letra 2:43


    letra de Little Darling (I Need You)

    It's so hard lovin' you
    But I don't wanna let you go
    Little darlin' I need you (Little darlin' I need you)
    Little darlin' I love you (Little darlin' I love you)
    Little darlin' I want you (Little darlin' I want you)
    Little darlin' I've got to have you (Little darlin' I've got to have you)
    And if it means giving up my life
    I'm going to give it up (give it up) give it up
    There's always one who loves more than the other
    But I don't mind, I don't mind
    I'm willing to pay the price
    Have your love at any sacrifice

    Little darlin' I need you...

    I know there's two or three in your life
    You like as well as me
    So if I have to be your #1 fool
    Before you care, care about me
    Then I'm willing to pay the price
    Be your #1 fool, make that sacrifice
    Oh baby

    Ooo hoo, only my finger knows how many tears I've cried, baby
    Only my heart knows the awful hurt I feel inside, baby
    My life is so lonely, waiting for you to love me only
    Now I'm willing to pay the price
    Be your #1 at any sacrifice

    Little darlin' I need you...
    ...and fade

    Composición: Holland-Dozier-Holland
  3. Take This Heart of MineVer letra 2:42


    letra de Take This Heart of Mine

    Ooo, you say you're feelin' bad 'cause
    The least thing makes you cry
    Sounds like a real bad case
    Of a girl who needs a guy
    I think I know the perfect jewel
    One you ought to try
    Take a heart that's full of love
    On this you can rely

    If you need some quick reaction, take this heart of mine
    And if you need some satisfaction, take this heart of mine
    And if you're tired of being lonely, take this heart of mine
    I think I can help you if you'll only take this heart of mine

    I may not be a doctor who can cure your ills
    Goodbye to all those different drugs and hard-swallowed pills
    My remedy is older than the tale of Jack and Jill
    My prescription is the kind you love to have refilled


    Got a lovin' side (this heart of mine)
    That's pure as gold (this heart of mine)
    Take it, it's yours (this heart of mine)
    To have and to hold (this heart of mine)
    And if you do that, baby (this heart of mine)
    After we grow old (this heart of mine)
    It'll be the greatest love story (this heart of mine)
    That was ever told (this heart of mine)
    Oh, baby (one more time, let's hold)

    Oh, medicine won't cure you
    Just leave you at the most
    The relief is only temporary
    Pretty soon will go
    But love can last a lifetime
    When two hearts are close
    Take as much as you want to
    There is no overdose

    (repeat chorus and fade)

    Composición: Marvin Tarplin, Warren Moore, William Robinson, Jr.
  4. Hey Diddle Diddle 2:23
    Composición: Harvey Fuqua, Johnny Bristol, Marvin Gaye
  5. One More HeartacheVer letra 2:32


    letra de One More Heartache

    One more heartache, I can't take it
    My heart is carryin' such a heavy load
    One more ache would break it
    Just like the camel with the heavy back
    One last straw was added, they say it broke the camel's back

    Ah (ah) ah (ah)
    I can't take it, I can't stand it

    One more heartache, it would turn me right around
    First you build my hopes up high and then you let me down
    Like the house you built from toothpicks stacked upon the kitchen table
    One last toothpick tore it down; the foundation was not able

    Ah (ah) ah (ah)
    I can't take it, I can't stand it
    No no no baby

    Oh baby, one more heartache would be too much load
    I'm fed up with the heartaches; one more and I will explode
    Like the toy balloon that's filled with as much air as it can take
    One more puff of air and that balloon has got to burst

    Ah (ah) ah (ah)
    I can't take it, I can't stand it
    No, honey, not another
    ... And fade

    Composición: Marvin Tarplin, Robert Rogers, Ronald White, Warren Moore, William Robinson, Jr.
  6. Ain't That Peculiar 2:50
    Composición: Marvin Tarplin, Robert Rogers, Warren Moore, William Robinson, Jr.
  7. Night LifeVer letra 3:08


    letra de Night Life

    In the evening
    When the sun goes down
    Oh... You'll find me
    Cause the nightlife
    Aint no good life
    But it's my life.... Oh... Yes it is
    Many people just like you and me
    Are dreamin'about.... How things used to be
    But the nightlife ain't no good life
    But it's my life

    Listen to the blues
    They're playin'
    Listen to the blues
    To what's saying...
    Hie... Yeah......

    Home, it's just another place
    Oh... From that world of broken dreams

    Yes the nightlife ain't no good life
    But it's my life... Oh yes it is

    Sometimes it's sad...
    Then again it's happy.. Oh.. Mmmm sometimes

    Composición: Paul Buskirk, Walter Breeland, Willie Nelson
  8. You've Been a Long Time Coming 2:14
    Composición: Holland-Dozier-Holland
  9. Your Unchanging LoveVer letra 3:03


    letra de Your Unchanging Love

    I'm gonna hold on (hold on) hold on (hold on)
    To your unchanging love
    I'm gonna hold on (hold on) hold on (hold on)
    To your unchanging love
    I need you baby, baby I need you right now

    Darlin', there comes a time in everybody's life
    They may learn as I've learned
    That being loved is more important than paintin' the town
    Only noon and night
    'Cause my life may have bright lights
    But I've learned in time they go dim
    But your love and tender arms, I can always come home to them


    I used to have more friends than I could count
    But now all of my so-called friends are gone
    'Cause I've lost everything in my bank account
    Darlin', I'm tired of runnin' 'round
    So in your arms I'm gonna settle down
    'Cause if I don't have a dime, I know your love is mine


    Darlin', everybody need somebody, ooo I need you
    I know now, nobody really loves me, honey honey honey, the way you do
    One more thing:
    I've changed, girl, through my life as often as I change my suits
    Only to learn the only true happiness is being, honey, being loved by you
    That's why...

    (repeat chorus and fade)

    Composición: Holland-Dozier-Holland
  10. You're the One for Me 3:40
    Composición: Clarence Paul, Morris Broadnax, Stevie Wonder
  11. I Worry 'Bout You 3:27
    Composición: Norman Mapp
  12. One for My Baby (And One Morefor the Road) 4:27
    Composición: Harold Arlen

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