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Back Home

Listado de canciones del álbum Back Home

  1. TulaneVer letra 2:35


    letra de Tulane

    Tulane and Johnny opened a novelty shop,
    Back under the counter, was the cream of the crop,
    Ev’rything was clickin, and the business was good,
    ‘Till one day, lo and behold an officer stood.
    Johnny jumped the counter but he stumbled and fell,
    But Tulane made it over Johnny fell as he yelled,
    Go head on, Tulane, he can’t catch up with you.
    Go Tulane, he ain’t man enough for you.
    Go Tulane, use all the speed you got.
    Go Tulane, you know you need a lot.
    Go Tulane, he’s laggin behind.
    Go ‘head on, Tulane.
    Go by your father’s house and tell him business is slow
    And see if he will loan us something, soon as he hits the dough.
    Put the cat out in the hall and rumple up the room
    Go by Doctor Keller’s, tell him you swallowed some perfume
    Tell him we need him quick, ’cuz he may have to testify
    That you been sick all day and that’s a perfect alibi
    Go,let Daddy drive in case you run into the Man
    Back by the shop and get the stuff and hide it in the van.
    Go back by your father’s, get the money for the bail.
    And bring it down and bail me out this rotten, funky jail.
    We gotta get a lawyer in the clique of politics
    Somebody who can win the thing or get the thing fixed.
    Go ‘head on, Tulane.

  2. Have Mercy JudgeVer letra 2:40


    letra de Have Mercy Judge

    Have mercy, I'm in a world of trouble now
    I'm being held by the State Patrol
    I am charged with traffic of the forbidden
    And I almost finished doing my parole
    Now, I'm on my way back down town
    Somebody help me, have mercy on my soul
    I go to court tomorrow morning
    And I got the same judge I had before
    Lord, I know he won't have no mercy on me
    'Cause he told me not to come back no more
    He'll send me away to some stoney mansion
    In a lonely room and lock the door
    Ow! Have mercy on my little Tulane
    She's too alive to try to live alone
    And I know her needs
    And although she loves me
    She's gonna try to make it
    While the poor boy's gone
    Somebody should tell her to live
    And I'll understand it
    And even love her more
    When I come back home

  3. Instrumental 2:47
  4. Christmas 3:27
  5. Gun 2:45
  6. I'm a Rocker 4:34
  7. Flyin' Home 4:17
  8. Fish & Chips 2:50
  9. Some PeopleVer letra 4:10


    letra de Some People

    Some people live each week in fun and play
    From sweat by you and by me
    While we must toil so long each day
    Just to stay alive and free
    Some people live in homes, so content and reposed
    Unrushed through all the woe
    While we share that woe
    With those who have no woe at all
    Some people live with much and care the least
    If war should end or stay
    While we, with less, pay more for peace
    Uum, why should it be this way ?
    Oh, the day's sure to come
    When we would have to live
    In love and peace and happiness
    And we will have the will to love
    And to give to those who do have less

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