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San Francisco Dues

Listado de canciones del álbum San Francisco Dues

  1. Oh LouisianaVer letra 4:28


    letra de Oh Louisiana

    Oh, Louisiana, I stayed away from you too long
    Oh, Louisiana, how can a true love go so wrong ?
    She put me in shame and in sorrow and I come home tomorrow
    Oh, Louisiana
    Oh, Louisiana, yea, yea, Creole baby, Cajun queens
    Quaint porches and windows, filet de gumbo, the Basin beans
    Your beautiful Delta and bayous in greens
    Oh, Louisiana
    Oh, Louisiana, yea-e-e, yea, I'm flyin' on Delta Nine-o-three
    Right over St. Louis, high over Memphis, Tennessee
    On southward to the sea, where I long to be
    Oh, Louisiana
    Oh, o, Louisiana, yea, yea, them Yankee nights are cold and long
    Oh, Louisiana, she broke my heart and wrecked my home
    She shamed me in sorrow, to face my tomorrow
    Oh, take me back, oh, Louisiana

  2. Let's Do Our Thing Together 2:20
  3. Your Lick 2:34
  4. FestivalVer letra 4:08


    letra de Festival

    Havin' a nationwide festival for fourteen days and nights
    Ah, there's fifty four bands on a river boat spot in the lights
    Hundred of bands and tents all on the banks of the Ohio
    Bandstands floatin' from Paducah to Cairo
    Be over a million freaks there diggin' the sights
    There's so many beautiful people there to love and cheer
    Some of the greatest guitar playin' in the western hemisphere
    Got the Who, the Band from across the north border Canned Heat
    The Fifth Dimension, Creedence Clearwater
    Oh, brother Hendrix, sister Joplin, we wish you were here
    Early in the mornin' Johnny Cash and old Elvis got loose
    The Who, Vanilla Fudge and the Woolies start paying their dues
    All evening Ike Turner and Aretha right on the Drifters
    And the Coasters and the Loading Zone
    All night Howlin' Wolf and Muddy Waters in a battlin' mood
    Oh, what a beautiful show, was sitting right up under the microphone
    Diggin' the Grateful Dead, Little Richard and the Rolling Stones
    Ray Charles, Led Zeppelin and the Everly Brothers
    Bad Bo Diddley and the Beatles and some others
    Everybody's laying back and freaking out all week long

  5. Bound to LoseVer letra 3:06


    letra de Bound to Lose

    Looks like I'll go on through my life bound in sorrow
    I'm a loser right from the start
    Now I've lost the only one I really loved
    And I'm bound to this pain in my heart
    I am bound because I am so much in love with you
    And I know that this love's all in vain
    When you let anyone have the love you say is mine
    It proves to me I'm a loser again
    I am bound with so many sweet memories of you
    What more can a poor loser do ?
    I can't change your ways, I can't make you love me more
    I am bound to this crave I have for you
    I was bound to lose you when I first fell in love with you
    I thought I'd try and love again
    Oh, I lost, but kept my chin up and I would pull through every time
    But losing you has laid my head in my hands

  6. Bordeaux in My PiroughVer letra 2:35


    letra de Bordeaux in My Pirough

    So long, Jean, got a little show, thanks for the Bordeaux
    I got to go, push my pirough way down the bayou
    They got a band up on the stand and a beautiful light show
    Au revoir, Jean, dig the show from up on the plateau
    In my pirough, with my Bordeaux, out on the bayou
    Creeping along, singing a song, see'est, see'est bon, bon
    Playing the music on my acoustic Spanish guitaro
    Having a duet with my coquette out on the bayou
    It's growing night, we've got no lights out on the bayou
    Beautiful trip, think we'll sip some of my Bordeaux
    Two more miles going wild to play my acoustic
    See them stand to clap their hands to hear my music
    One more mile, we rested awhile and sipped on some Bordeaux
    While we's grooving, a fog was moving in on the bayou
    On my knee, just couldn't see the front of my pirough
    We didn't mind, we just reclined and sipped some more Bordeaux
    Ay-ay, Jean, I missed the show up on the plateau
    Si vous plait, push my pirough back up the bayou
    No see the band, no see the stand, no see the light show
    Ahh, Jean, we had a show out on the bayou

  7. San Francisco Dues 3:23
  8. Viva Rock & Roll 2:02
  9. My Dream (Poem) 6:00
    Músicos invitados: Chuck Berry (Piano)
  10. Lonely School DaysVer letra 2:36


    letra de Lonely School Days

    I saw you when you came in this morning
    All chummy with somebody new
    And I was all alone this morning
    In sorrrow still loving you
    I know it shows, I'm broken hearted
    This feelin' just won't go away
    I've been so lonesome since we parted
    And I'll be blue again in school today
    Lonely school days do I have when you
    Come to school with someone new
    In my deepest sorrow over losing you
    Lonely school days keep me blue
    I saw you eating in the lunch room
    Right where we used to sit and dine
    With someone snugged up close beside you
    Enjoying pleasures that were mine
    You talk to them along the hallways
    You walk with them to classes too
    You leave and go with them of evenings
    And I go home alone and blue

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