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Concerto in B Goode

Listado de canciones del álbum Concerto in B Goode

  1. Good Looking WomanVer letra 2:16


    letra de Good Looking Woman

    Well, you're a good looking woman
    Any man would go for you
    You got everything you need, darling
    Yeah, you know how to use it too
    If you let me be your love one
    I'll do anything you wish me to do
    I'd be true to you, baby
    And I would not mess around
    You make me so happy, darling
    Take you anyplace in town
    Yes, I belong to you alone
    Until you put me down
    I'm gonna try for your love, baby
    In ev'ry way I know how
    I'm gonna tweet, tweet, tweet
    Gobble, gobble or meow, meow
    I'll even quack, quack, quack or moo, moo
    Or bow, wow, wow, wow
    Yeah, I'm hung up on you, baby
    You're a fox and I ain't lying
    Ooh, the things I'll do for you
    Let me love you, I'll blow your mind
    Till that satisfaction comes
    I'll be stone lie steady trying

  2. My WomanVer letra 4:50


    letra de My Woman

    Last night as I lay me down in bed
    Over and over I heard the last words my woman said
    Take me with you, I'm so lonesome
    But I choose to leave instead
    Yesterday, she came to me and held my hand
    Said she was blue and oh so lonesome
    And would I try to understand
    I didn't know till this morning
    How much my woman means to me
    This morning when I got home, she was not there
    I noticed her clothes were gone
    And a little note lay on my shelf
    Said as you read this, I love you still
    But I'll be gone, I don't know where
    Today I got the blues and I got 'em bad
    Last night as I lay sleeping
    My conscious will not go to rest
    Yesterday I lost the best woman I ever had
    One of these days, can't say where and I don't know when
    It may be in time, it may be soon
    It may be in a place I've never been
    But I'm gonna find that fine woman
    And together with her again

  3. It's Too Dark in There 3:50
  4. Put Her Down 4:57
  5. Concerto In 18:40

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