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Fresh Berry's

Listado de canciones del álbum Fresh Berry's

  1. It Wasn't Me 2:26
  2. Run Joe 2:15
    Composición: Joe Willoughby, Louis Jordan, Walter Merrick
  3. Every Day We Rock and Roll 2:10
    Composición: Chuck Berry
  4. One for My Baby (And One Morefor the Road) 2:40
    Composición: Harold Arlen & Johnny Mercer
  5. Welcome Back Pretty BabyVer letra 2:30


    letra de Welcome Back Pretty Baby

    Hello, pretty baby
    How did your vacation go ?
    You know I long to be with you
    Because I really missed you so
    You must have many things to tell me
    But only one I yearn to know
    Shall we dance, pretty baby
    And does your love for me remain ?
    It's been a long hot summer
    With no one to entertain
    Ah, it's really boss to hold your hand, baby
    Dance and talk with you again
    Bye, bye for now
    But I shall call you on the phone
    I want to tell you how boss it was
    To have been your chaperone
    And if you choose me for your steady
    Darling, you'll never walk alone

    Composición: Chuck Berry
  6. It's My Own Business 2:07
    Composición: Chuck Berry
  7. Right Off Rampart StreetVer letra 2:19


    letra de Right Off Rampart Street

    Way down south in Louisiana, up under the Delta heat, child
    There's an old boy plays an electric guitar right off Rampart Street
    Sometimes a Go-Go girl come in with him, she be shakin' out a Mojo beat
    That old boy sure pick some old mean guitar right off Rampart Street
    Stays crowded every time he's there, people come there from near and far
    I don't think nobody knows his name, they just know it's a Go-Go guitar
    They just know it's a Go-Go guitar
    Way down south in Louisiana, up under the Delta heat, child
    Go see that old boy play his guitar right off Rampart Street
    Right off Rampart Street

    Composición: Chuck Berry
  8. Vaya con Dios 2:35
    Composición: Buddy Pepper, Carl Hoff, Inez James, Larry Russell
  9. Merrily We Rock and Roll 2:09
    Composición: Chuck Berry
  10. My Mustang FordVer letra 2:12


    letra de My Mustang Ford

    I got a nineteen sixty-six cherry red Mustang Ford.
    Itæ?¯ got a three hundred and eighty five horsepower over load
    You know itæ?¯ way too fast to be crawlin?on these interstate roads.
    I broke her in at the airport on a runway at the J.F.K.
    I just touched the gas pedal and like to ran off into Jamaica Bay
    I had to spin the wheels backwards or the momentum would have carried me away
    Itæ?¯ getting?to be a big problem trying to figure the best possible route
    I tried to stop in Indianapolis once, and had to back up from Terre Haute
    But now I can slow and stop her with my windbreaker parachute

    Composición: Chuck Berry
  11. Ain't That Just Like a Woman 2:13
    Composición: Louis Jordan
  12. Wee Hour Blues 2:50
    Composición: Chuck Berry

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