Álbum Grateful de DJ Khaled - Canciones


Listado de canciones del álbum Grateful

  1. (Intro) I'm So Grateful
  2. Shining
  3. To The Max
  4. Wild Thoughts
  5. I'm The One
  6. On Everything
  7. It's Secured
  8. Interlude (Hallelujah)
  9. Nobody
  10. I Love You So Much
  11. Don't Quit
  12. I Can't Even Lie
  13. Down For Life
  14. Major Bag Alert
  15. Good Man
  16. Billy Ocean
  17. Pull A Caper
  18. That Range Rover Came With Steps
  19. Iced Out My Arms
  20. Whatever
  21. Interlude
  22. Unchanging Love
  23. Asahd Talk (Thank You Asahd)

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