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Breaking Hearts

Listado de canciones del álbum Breaking Hearts

  1. Restless
  2. Slow Down Georgie (She's Poison)
  3. Who Wears These Shoes?
  4. Breaking Hearts (Ain't What It Used To Be)
  5. Li'l 'Frigerator
    Músicos invitados: Andrew Thompson (4) (Saxophone), Andrew Thompson (4) (Soloist)
  6. Passengers
    Composición: Elton John, Bernie Taupin, Davey Johnstone and Phineas Mchize, Davey Johnstone, Elton John & Bernie Taupin, Phineas Mkhize
  7. In NeonVer letra


    letra de In Neon

    Lipstick and lashes, the traces of stardom
    Lit up on a billboard so everyone sees them in neon
    Behind the counter she stares out the window
    Up at the billboard that's like a reminder in neon

    She hates how she feels but she hangs like a mirror
    Maybe a stranger could walk in and see her in neon
    For two cents of danger she'd trust anybody
    She'd smoke like a gun if it meant she might wind up

    In neon the dreams in the light of a promise that dies
    A shimmering city, a glimmer of hope and a lie
    In neon the name's gone there's no reason why anymore
    Trust them and wind up alone behind a locked door

    In neon, in neon

    Pictures and patterns, the touches of glamour
    Cut into a fashion that flashes above them in neon
    A hot cup of coffee held in her fingers
    A perfect complexion that lingers above her in neon

    She hates how she feels but she hangs like a mirror
    Maybe a stranger could walk in and see her in neon
    For a shot at the title, she'd slip into something
    She'd smoulder like ashes if it meant she might wind up in neon

    In neon

  8. Burning BuildingsVer letra


    letra de Burning Buildings

    It used to be a sweet sensation
    No price too high for love
    Now I pay for this bitter taste
    And the price is not enough

    Such cruel sport for your kicks
    Such hard knocks on my heart
    How long before the pain ends
    Tell me where living starts

    And lovers leap off burning buildings
    Waking up on a sky high wire
    Desperation leaves us clinging
    On the edge of a house on fire

    Lovers leap off burning buildings
    Live our life on borrowed time
    Every flame that ever moved you
    Touched your lips but never mine

    Lovers leap off burning buildings

    No room for conversation
    Cold stares and angry words
    Fall in pieces from our faces
    We read "do not disturb"

    Some lovers just go hungry
    Others beg for just a bite
    You use me under pressure
    To whet your appetite

  9. Did He Shoot Her?Ver letra


    letra de Did He Shoot Her?

    Sling your hook in with him baby
    He's a real sharp-shooter now
    If he's out there hiding in the tall grass
    Tell him I said he was a coward

    This ain't any old western honey
    It's the twentieth century now
    But if he thinks he's some kind of tough cowboy
    And he's hurt her then I want to know how

    Did he shoot her with his compromise
    Like a heart attack he can paralyse
    Or did he hang her in a noose
    On the telephone line

    Did he shoot her with a 45
    Did he leave his mark right between her eyes
    Oh did he shoot that girl
    That used to be mine

    Tell him I'm ready any time he chooses
    The pay-off for the things, for the things he's done
    He ain't messing with no two-bit bandit
    Armed with a couple of guns

    If he wants to see it as a two reel movie
    He's living in the head of someone else
    But better take him down and dust him honey
    I want to hear the truth for myself

    Did he shoot her
    Did he shoot her

  10. Sad Songs (Say So Much)

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