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Songs from the West Coast

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  1. The Emperor's New Clothes 4:30
  2. Dark DiamondVer letra 4:29


    letra de Dark Diamond

    Oh, I'm a dark diamond
    I've turned hard and cold
    Once was a jewel with fire in my soul
    There's two sides of a mirror
    One I couldn't break through
    Stayed trapped on the inside, wound up losing you

    Tell me how does it work
    How do you make things fit
    Spent all my life trying to get it right
    I've put it together and it falls apart
    I thought to myself I might understand
    But when the wall's built
    And the heart hardens
    You get a dark diamond
    Dark diamond

    Oh, I'm a dark diamond
    But you're something else
    You read me more than I read myself
    The one star I could count on
    Only comet I could trust
    You burnt through my life to the true meaning of love

  3. Look Ma No Hands 4:24
  4. American TriangleVer letra 4:51


    letra de American Triangle

    Seen him playing in his backyard
    Young boy just starting out
    So much history in this landscape
    So much confusion, so much doubt

    Been there drinking on that front porch
    Angry kids, mean and dumb
    Looks like a painting, that blue skyline
    God hates fags where we come from

    'Western skies' don't make it right
    'Home of the brave' don't make no sense
    I've seen a scarecrow wrapped in wire
    Left to die on a high ridge fence
    It's a cold, cold wind
    It's a cold, cold wind
    It's a cold wind blowing, Wyoming

    See two coyotes run down a deer
    Hate what we don't understand
    You pioneers give us your children
    But it's your blood that stains their hands

    Somewhere that road forks up ahead
    To ignorance and innocence
    Three lives drift on different winds
    Two lives ruined, one life spent

  5. Original Sin 4:51
  6. BirdsVer letra 3:54


    letra de Birds

    There's some things I don't have now
    Some things I don't talk about
    These things are between myself and I
    In my thick skull the joker hides

    There's consequences I'm scared to taste
    Cold hard truths I can't face
    These days are different than the past
    Reflections change in the looking glass

    And everywhere I look there's something to learn
    A sliver of truth from every bridge we burn
    A hatful of quarters and a naked song
    Don't answer the question of where we belong

    How come birds
    Don't fall from the sky when they die?
    How come birds
    Always look for a quiet place to hide
    These words
    Can't explain what I feel inside?
    Like birds I need a quiet place to hide

    These independent moves I make
    This confidence I try to fake
    You can hear the beating of my heart
    But not a feather falling in the dark

    And everything I hear never makes any sense
    Another old prophet perched on the fence
    A cupful of pencils and a self help guru
    Don't answer the question of what I am to you

  7. I Want LoveVer letra 4:37


    letra de I Want Love

    I want love, but it's impossible
    A man like me, so irresponsible
    A man like me is dead in places
    Other men feel liberated

    I can't love, shot full of holes
    Don't feel nothing, I just feel cold
    Don't feel nothing, just old scars
    Toughening up around my heart

    But I want love, just a different kind
    I want love, won't break me down
    Won't brick me up, won't fence me in
    I want a love, that don't mean a thing
    That's the love I want, I want love

    I want love on my own terms
    After everything I've ever learned
    Me, I carry too much baggage
    Oh man I've seen so much traffic

    So bring it on, I've been bruised
    Don't give me love that's clean and smooth
    I'm ready for the rougher stuff
    No sweet romance, I've had enough

  8. The Wasteland 4:23
  9. Ballad Of The Boy In The Red ShoesVer letra 4:54


    letra de Ballad Of The Boy In The Red Shoes

    I'm stoned in the twilight
    Screaming on the inside
    Give me your water, help me survive
    Gonna miss the sunlight
    When I lose my eyesight

    Give me my red shoes, I want to dance
    They search for an answer
    But that old man wouldn't listen
    Back then I was handsome
    Back then he was ignorant

    And shave off the years now, it's all inside my head
    The boy in the red shoes is dancing by my bed
    Put them in a box somehere, put them in a drawer
    Take my red shoes, I can't wear them anymore

    Had garlands in the wings back then
    All the pretty little things back then
    Calling out my name, oh what fame brings
    After curtain calls and bows
    I can't see the front row now
    Hand me my red shoes just one more time

    They pushed aside our presence
    They refused to go the distance
    Back then I was Sigmund
    Back then he wouldn't listen

  10. Love Her Like Me 4:00
  11. Mansfield 4:58
  12. This Train Don't Stop There Anymore 4:40

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