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Rock of the Westies

Listado de canciones del álbum Rock of the Westies

  1. Medley (Yell Help, Wednesday Night, Ugly)
  2. Dan Dare (Pilot Of The Future) 3:30
  3. Island GirlVer letra 3:42


    letra de Island Girl

    I see your teeth flash, Jamaican honey so sweet
    Down where Lexington cross 47th Street
    She's a big girl, she's standing six foot three
    Turning tricks for the dudes in the big city

    Island girl
    What you wanting with the white man's world
    Island girl
    Black boy want you in his island world
    He want to take you from the racket boss
    He want to save you but the cause is lost
    Island girl, island girl, island girl
    Tell me what you wanting with the white man's world

    She's black as coal but she burn like a fire
    And she wrap herself around you like a well worn tire
    You feel her nail scratch your back just like a rake
    He one more gone, he one more John who make the mistake

  4. Grow Some Funk Of Your OwnVer letra 4:43


    letra de Grow Some Funk Of Your Own

    Yeah I looked at my watch and it said a quarter to five
    The headlines screamed that I was still alive
    I couldn't understand it
    I thought I died last night

    Oh I dreamed I'd been in a border town
    In a little cantina that the boys had found
    I was desperate to dance
    Just to dig the local sounds

    When along came a se?orita
    She looked so good that I had to meet her
    I was ready to approach her with my English charm
    When her brass knuckled boyfriend grabbed me by the arm

    And he said grow some funk of your own amigo
    Grow some funk of your own
    We no like to with the gringo fight
    But there might be a death in Mexico tonight
    If you can't grow some funk of your own amigo
    Grow some funk of your own
    Take my advice, take the next flight
    And grow your funk, grow your funk at home

    Well I looked for support from the rest of my friends
    For their vanishing trick they get ten out of ten
    I knelt to pray
    Just to see if he would comprehend

  5. I Feel Like A Bullet (In The Gun Of Robert Ford)
  6. Street Kids 6:23
  7. Hard Luck StoryVer letra 5:10


    letra de Hard Luck Story

    Sometimes I think I'm going crazy
    Staring at the same four walls
    Waiting for the working day to end
    Then I get home so wasted, worn out
    I curse at you and tell you
    How I've done the work of ten to fifteen men
    How I've struggled for my money
    Sweated blood to get us by, yeah
    Well I'm tired of it honey
    Think I'm gonna have to leave here for a while

    All you hear are hard luck stories
    And the ways I look at life
    And the way I think the world treats me
    And the way that I treat my wife

    I never seem to look at you
    And see that somewhere underneath
    A pair of tired eyes are crying out
    Well you know I work hard all day long
    Let me kiss you once with meaning
    Just to kill this nagging doubt
    Well you don't deny I do you proud
    And you expect me to be tired
    You say there's no future in our lives
    While I persist I'm putting out the fire

    All you hear are hard luck stories
    Just a few well chosen words
    'Cause you're still the woman of a working man
    You've got the heart of a working girl

  8. Feed MeVer letra 4:00


    letra de Feed Me

    Don't close the shades
    I'm scared of the darkness
    I'm cold as a razor blade
    Inches from madness

    Don't let me sleep here
    They're all trying to kill me
    I've seen the walls moving
    They've all heard me screaming, screaming

    Feed me
    Feed my needs and then just leave me
    Let me go back where you found me
    'Cause I miss my basement
    The sweet smell of new paint
    The warmth and the comforts of home
    So feed me
    Give me my treatment and free me
    My arms are so hungry so feed me

    The room's so distorted
    And filled with mad shadows
    I feel like a carcass
    White like a marrow bone

    It all seems so long ago
    I remember them laughing
    I heard the ambulance scream
    I saw the red light flashing, flashing

  9. Billy Bones And The White BirdVer letra


    letra de Billy Bones And The White Bird

    Take the wheel I hear the timbers creaking
    Take the wheel I think this ship is sinking
    Jamaica seems so far and I've been thinking
    Old Billy Bones has gone to sea and quit his dockside drinking

    Check it out, check it out, check it out

    And when I'm dead who'll fly the White Bird home
    I'm not the ancient mariner your children know
    And the sea's the field these old jack tars have sown
    'Cause Billy Bones just wants to know who'll fly the White Bird home

    Oh your majesty, your majesty
    I heard the bosun cry
    Old Billy Bones has washed ashore
    Upon a foreign tide

  10. Planes (Bonus Track)
  11. Sugar On The Floor (Bonus Track)

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  1. JUAN: Excelente disco, todo el disco enterito vale la pena y sobre todo el tema 1 de Yell Help, en verdad que, se muestra todo un profesional con temas de primera. Lastima que no sacan en la radio ninguno de esos temas, Island Girl tambien la recomiendo. Escuchenlo

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