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Empty Sky


"Empty Sky" es el título del primer álbum en la discografía de Elton John. Fue lanzado al mercado el 6 de junio de 1969 en Reino Unido, pero hubo que esperar varios años hasta que el disco fuera estrenado en Estados Unidos (13 de enero de 1975).

Contó con la producción del británico Steve Brown, amigo personal del cantante, al igual que la mayoría de los músicos que participaron en la grabación.

En varias de las canciones podemos escuchar a Elton John interpretar el clavicémbalo.

El tema más conocido del álbum fue el titulado "Skyline Pigeon", la única canción de este disco que el cantante sigue interpretando con cierta frecuencia en sus actuaciones en directo y que fue lanzada originalmente por Guy Darrell y Roger James Cooke simultáneamente como sencillo en agosto de 1968.

Se trata de una balada compuesta e interpretada por el propio Elton John, con letras escritas por Bernie Taupin. Es el único tema del álbum que presenta al músico sin acompañamiento de ningún tipo, tocando el clavicémbalo y el órgano.

Listado de canciones del álbum Empty Sky

  1. Empty SkyVer letra 8:28


    letra de Empty Sky

    I'm not a rat to be spat on locked up in this room
    Those bars that look towards the sun at night look towards the moon
    Everyday the swallows play in the clouds of love
    Make me wish that I had wings take me high above

    And I looked high and saw the empty sky
    If I could only, I could only fly
    I'd drift with them in endless space
    But no man flies from this place

    At night I lay upon my bench and stare towards the stars
    The cold night air comes creeping in and home seems oh so far
    If only I could swing upon those twinkling dots above
    I'd look down from the heavens upon the ones I love

    Hey the lucky locket hangs around your precious neck
    Some luck I ever got with you and I wouldn't like to bet
    That sooner or later you'll own just one half of this land
    By shining your eyes on the wealth of every man

    Just send up my love ain't seen nothing but tears
    Now I've got myself in this room for years
    I don't see no one, I never see anyone

  2. Val-Hala 4:12
  3. Western Ford Gateway 3:16
  4. Hymn 2000Ver letra 4:29


    letra de Hymn 2000

    She chose the soft center
    And took it to bed with her mother
    And the ideal confusion
    Was just an illusion
    To gain further news of her brother

    And the comfort of mother
    Was just an appeal for protection
    For the cat from next door
    Was found later at four
    In surgical dissection

    And I don't want to be
    The son of any freak
    Who for a chocolate center
    Can take you off the street

    For soon they'll plough the desert
    And God knows where I'll be
    Collecting submarine numbers
    On the main street of the sea

    The Vicar is thicker
    And I just can't see through to him
    For his cardinal sings
    A collection of hymns
    And a collection of coins is made after

    And who wrote the Bible
    Was it Judas or Pilate
    Well one cleans his hands
    While the other one hangs
    But still I continue to stand

  5. Lady What's Tomorrow 3:10
  6. Sails 3:45
  7. The Scaffold 3:18
  8. Skyline Pigeon 3:37
  9. Gulliver/It's Hay Chewed/Reprise 6:59
  10. Lady Samantha 3:02
  11. All Across The HavensVer letra 2:53


    letra de All Across The Havens

    Music by elton john
    Lyrics by bernie taupin
    Released as a uk b-side in january, 1969

    The sister of sunlight
    Comes to my lonely life
    Bearing the crosses I hung
    I hung on my lonely wife
    And the anchor told me
    If I prayed by the river
    That the sweet sound of water
    Would always go with her

    All across the havens to the waterfall
    They told me I would meet her there
    Inside those icy walls
    But how on earth in this universe
    Can they forgive me of my pains
    For all across the havens
    I must stumble locked in chains

    Then the mother of mercy
    Showed me her stable
    And told me you would be safe
    Safe in her cradle
    And the waterfall opened
    And the water withdrew
    Leaving me standing
    On a road leading through

  12. It's Me That You Need 4:04
  13. Just Like Strange Rain 3:43

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