Álbum Ice on Fire de Elton John - Canciones

Ice on Fire

Listado de canciones del álbum Ice on Fire

  1. This Town 3:54
  2. Cry To HeavenVer letra 4:14


    letra de Cry To Heaven

    I found a black beret on the street today
    It was lying in the gutter all torn
    There's a white flag flying on a tall building
    But the kids just watch the storm

    Their dirty faces pressed on the windows
    Shattered glass before their eyes
    There's a mad dog barking in a burned out subway
    Where the sniper sleeps at night

    No birthday songs to sing again
    Just bricks and stones to give them
    Wrap them up in your father's flags
    And let them cry to heaven

    There are many graves by a cold lake
    As the beds were when your babies are born
    And your rag doll sits with a permanent grin
    But the kids just watch the storm

    I saw a black cat tease a white mouse
    Until he killed it with his claws
    Seems a lot of countries do the same thing
    Before they go to war

  3. Soul Glove 3:28
  4. Nikita 5:42
  5. Too Young 5:10
  6. Wrap Her Up 6:04
  7. Satellite 3:56
  8. Tell Me What The Papers Say 3:40
  9. Candy By The PoundVer letra 3:54


    letra de Candy By The Pound

    Well I'm keeping off the streets since you came to town
    Since you claimed my heart from the lost and found
    I have said goodbye to my fooling around
    Now you and me babe we got candy by the pound
    You and me babe we got candy by the pound

    Well I never knew it could feel so good
    Be the king of the hill in my neighbourhood
    Rain on my roof what a sweet sound
    Oh with you underneath it's like candy by the pound
    With you underneath it's like candy by the pound

    You can tell everybody that this girl of mine
    Is sweeter than the grapes hanging from the vine
    Love like wine honey drinking till I drown
    Keep it coming baby like candy by the pound

    Oh no what's come over me
    If I am dreaming then let me sleep
    Oh wow I'm heaven bound
    Love is getting sweeter than candy by the pound

    Now I'm ducking in the alley of common sense
    Hiding from the claws of my old girl friend
    She's screaming murder beating my door down
    While I'm right behind it I'm eating candy by the pound
    I'm right behind it eating I'm candy by the pound

  10. Shoot Down The Moon 4:58
  11. The Man Who Never Died (1985 Remix By Gus Dudgeon)
  12. Restless (Live)
  13. Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word (Live)
  14. I'm Still Standing (Live)

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