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Reg Strikes Back

Listado de canciones del álbum Reg Strikes Back

  1. Town Of Plenty 3:38
  2. A Word In SpanishVer letra 4:37


    letra de A Word In Spanish

    Music by elton john
    Lyrics by bernie taupin
    Available on the album reg strikes back

    I don't know why
    I just know I do
    I just can't explain
    In this language that I use
    Something leaves me speechless
    Each time that you approach
    Each time you glide right through me
    As if I was a ghost

    If I only could tell you
    If you only would listen
    I've got a line or two to use on you
    I've got a romance we could christen

    And there's a word in spanish I don't understand
    But I heard it in a film one time spoken by the leading man
    He said it with devotion, he sounded so sincere
    And the words he spoke in spanish brought the female lead to tears
    A word in spanish, a word in spanish

    If you can't comprehend
    Read it in my eyes
    If you don't understand it's love
    In a thin disguise
    And what it takes to move you
    Each time that you resist
    Is more than just a pretty face
    To prove that I exist

    When manners make no difference
    And my gifts all lay undone
    I trade my accent in on chance
    And fall back on a foreign tongue

  3. Mona Lisas And Mad Hatters (Part Two) 4:11
    Músicos invitados: Freddie Hubbard (Trumpet), Freddie Hubbard (Flugelhorn)
  4. I Don't Wanna Go On With You Like That 4:33
  5. Japanese Hands 4:39
  6. Goodbye Marlon BrandoVer letra 3:28


    letra de Goodbye Marlon Brando

    Say goodbye to loneliness, say goodbye to Marlon Brando
    Say goodbye to latitudes and the confusion that surrounds you
    Say goodbye to misery, say goodbye to the morning news
    Say goodbye to prime time and the fools that choose to view
    Say goodbye to Wendy, say goodbye to Rhonda
    Say goodbye to the Beach Boys from the Palisades to Kona

    Say goodbye to Glasnost, say goodbye to Malathion
    Say goodbye to the clowns in congress and the belt around Orion
    Say goodbye to the tabloids, say goodbye to diet soda
    Say goodbye to new age music from the Capa to the Coda
    Say goodbye to gridlock, goodbye to Dolly's chest
    Goodbye to the ozone layer if there's any of it left

    Don't it make you wanna crawl back to the womb
    Find a sanitarium rent yourself a room
    This overload is edging me further out to sea
    I need to put some distance between overkill and me, me

    Say goodbye to Jackie Collins, say goodbye to illiterate fools
    Goodbye to evangelists and geeks with power tools
    Goodbye to statuettes, say goodbye to lists
    Say goodbye to articles on who the senator kissed
    Say goodbye to hair styles, goodbye to heaven's gate
    Goodbye to Rocky Five, Six, Seven and Eight

  7. The Camera Never Lies 4:34
  8. Heavy TrafficVer letra 3:26


    letra de Heavy Traffic

    Shakey wake up thirsty from a night in the bar
    And snake hips Joe is Mr. Cool
    Out on the boulevard
    The pimp from the Jack of Diamonds
    Just got another Jane Doe
    She just got off the last bus from Montecedo

    Sailor boys find trouble in the alien state
    It's one on one from Las Palmas to the Golden Gate
    Fly boys on the corner waiting for a ride
    For twenty bucks he'll pull the cork on the man inside

    'Cause we're rolling in heavy traffic
    Judy's in the jump seat and Jody's in the bucket
    Billy likes to drive and Jackie's just high
    And Cindy thinks we're all gonna commit suicide
    'Cause we're rolling in heavy traffic
    Yeah we're rolling in heavy traffic

    Mack he's got his Marlboros tucked up in his sleeve
    He's shacked up in his basement making P. C. P.
    He used to shake the french fries
    Down on 12th and Maine
    And now he stays up nights on apple juice and cocaine

    Composición: Davey Johnstone
  9. Poor Cow 3:48
  10. Since God Invented Girls 4:38
    Músicos invitados: Adrian Baker (Backing Vocals), Bruce Johnston (Backing Vocals), Carl Wilson (Backing Vocals)

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