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Double Trouble

Listado de canciones del álbum Double Trouble

  1. Double TroubleVer letra 1:37


    letra de Double Trouble

    Some guys fall in love with one girl, I gotta fall for two
    There's just so much loving that one heart's supposed to do
    So I go around with my heart dragging on the ground
    Dogging me around, I'm the sorriest sight in town
    I got double trouble, I got double trouble
    I got double trouble twice as much as anybody else oh yeah!
    I guess there's gotta be two dark clouds hanging over me
    My future looks a bumpy as a matchbox on the sea
    Every time I think that I have finally got it made
    Some losing cards are played, I just can't make the grade
    [Chorus: x2]

  2. Baby, If You'll Give Me All of Your Love 1:47
  3. Could I Fall in LoveVer letra 1:42


    letra de Could I Fall in Love

    Could I fall in love for the very first time
    That's what I ask myself when you're lips touch mine
    Could I fall in love on a night like tonight
    That's what I'd like to know when I hold you tight
    Now that we're alone (Now that we're alone)
    Just a kiss apart (Just a kiss apart)
    I have the answer from the feeling in my heart
    Could I fall in love and forever be true
    My heart tells me I could if I fell for you

  4. Long Legged Girl (With the Short Dress On) 1:27
  5. City by NightVer letra 3:03


    letra de City by Night

    When shadows beckon on dim-lit avenues
    Night people hear the call
    From hidden alleys, secret rendezvous
    They come out one and all
    The city by night I'm wide awake
    It never sleeps make no mistake
    Whatever sets off the spark
    A magic glow lights the dark
    Then I'm intrigued by the sight
    Of the city by night
    Those crowded nightclubs
    Those picturesque cafes
    Are scenes no-one forgets
    And I'm enchanted, music softly plays
    By dancing silhouettes
    The city by night I'm wide awake
    It never sleeps make no mistake
    The evening's full of surprise
    It's magic opens my eyes
    And I'm intrigued by the sight
    Of the city by night

  6. Old MacDonald 2:04
  7. I Love Only One Girl 1:52
  8. There Is So Much World to See 1:55
  9. It Won't Be Long 1:45
  10. Never Ending 1:58
  11. Blue RiverVer letra 2:10


    letra de Blue River

    Blue river, it can't be found on any map that I know
    But it's the place where lonely lovers all go
    To cry their tears, blue river
    It winds along a path of heartache and pain
    Of broken dreams from lovin' someone in vain
    Like I loved you, and baby I still do
    I held you so tight
    You were out of my sight
    I'm feelin' so low
    But I gotta go
    Blue river because you never really cared about me
    From now on baby that's where I'm gonna be
    Cryin' over you, by the river of blue

  12. What Now, What Next, Where To? 1:55

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