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Something for Everybody

Listado de canciones del álbum Something for Everybody

  1. There's Always Me 2:15
  2. Give Me the RightVer letra 2:32


    letra de Give Me the Right

    Give me the right
    To hold you tonight
    The tears that I've cried over you
    Give me the right
    You can't say no
    When I need you so
    I want you back in my arms
    Give me the right
    If you looked deep in your heart
    Like I looked into mine
    You'll find that nothing has changed
    Our love was there all the time
    Why make me plead
    For something you need
    I want to bring back the thrill
    Give me the right
    Give me the right

    Composición: Fred Wise, Norman BlagmanFeaturing: The Jordanaires
  3. It's a Sin 2:41
    Composición: Fred Rose, Zeb TurnerFeaturing: The Jordanaires
  4. Sentimental Me 2:31
    Composición: James Cassin, James MoreheadFeaturing: The Jordanaires
  5. Starting Today 2:03
    Composición: Don Robertson (2)Featuring: The Jordanaires
  6. GentlyVer letra 2:15


    letra de Gently

    Gently your eyes met mine
    Tender, trusting, true
    Gently your hand took mine
    Thrilled me through and through
    Gently, oh so gently
    Gentle as the dawn
    Gently, oh so gently
    Our true love was born
    Gently your lips kissed mine
    As we strolled along
    Gently your heart touched mine
    Young and warm and strong
    Gently the hour is near
    When true loves have to part
    Gently we'll meet again
    One more kiss, sweetheart

    Composición: Eddie Lisbona, Murray WizellFeaturing: The Jordanaires
  7. I'm Coming Home 2:19
    Composición: Charlie RichFeaturing: The Jordanaires
  8. In Your Arms 1:50
    Composición: Aaron Schroeder, Wally GoldFeaturing: The Jordanaires
  9. Put the Blame on Me 1:56
    Composición: Kay Twomey, Wise Blagman
  10. Judy 2:09
    Composición: Teddy Redell
  11. I Want You With Me 2:11
    Composición: Woody HarrisFeaturing: The Jordanaires
  12. I Slipped, I Stumbled, I Fell
    Composición: Ben Weisman (2), Fred WiseFeaturing: The Jordanaires

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