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Paradise, Hawaiian Style

Listado de canciones del álbum Paradise, Hawaiian Style

  1. Paradise, Hawaiian Style
  2. Queenie Wahine's Papaya
    Composición: Baum-Giant-Kaye
  3. Scratch My Back (Then I'll Scratch Yours)
    Composición: Baum-Giant-Kaye
  4. Drums of the IslandsVer letra


    letra de Drums of the Islands

    Drums of the islands you're beating in my heart
    You're with me no matter where I roam
    If ever I wander if ever we're apart
    I know that you will lead me home
    If I should journey across the deep blue sea
    I'll never forget these coral shores
    Drums of the islands I hear you calling me
    And I'll return forever yours
    I love each valley each grain of sand each hill
    The flowers the music of the isles
    These are the things I love and always will
    Though I may roam ten thousand miles

    Composición: Roy C. Bennett, Sid Tepper
  5. Datin'
    Composición: Fred Wise, Randy Starr
  6. A Dog's Life
    Composición: Ben Weisman (2), Sid Wayne
  7. House of Sand
    Composición: Baum-Giant-Kaye
  8. Stop Where You Are
    Composición: Baum-Giant-Kaye
  9. This Is My Heaven
    Composición: Baum-Giant-Kaye
  10. Sand Castles
    Composición: David Hess, Herb Goldberg

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