Álbum Endless Boogie de John Lee Hooker - Canciones

Endless Boogie

Listado de canciones del álbum Endless Boogie

  1. (I Got) A Good 'Un 5:12
  2. House Rent Boogie 6:23
  3. Kick Hit 4 Hit Kix U (Blues for Jimi and Janis) 6:41
  4. Standin' at the Crossroads 6:08
  5. Pots on, Gas on High 11:22
  6. We Might as Well Call It Through (I Didn't Get Married to Your Two-Timi 8:04
  7. Doin' the Shout 3:31
  8. A Sheep Out on the Foam 6:27
  9. I Don't Need No Steam Heat 4:17
  10. Sittin' in My Dark Room 5:38
  11. Endless Boogie, Pts. 27-28 8:44

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