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My Name Is Barbra, Two...

Listado de canciones del álbum My Name Is Barbra, Two...

  1. He Touched MeVer letra 3:10


    letra de He Touched Me

    He touched me, he put his hand near mine
    And then he touched me
    I felt a sudden tingle when he touched me
    A sparkle, a glow
    He knew it, it wasn't accidental
    No, he knew it
    He smiled and seem to tell me so all through it
    He knew it, I know
    He's real, and the world is alive and shining
    I feel such a wonderful drive t'wards valentining
    He touched me, I simply have to face the fact
    He touched me
    Control myself and try to act
    As if I remember my name
    But he touched me, he touched me
    And suddenly nothing is the same
    'Cause he touched me, he touched me
    And suddenly nothing, nothing, nothing is the same

  2. The Shadow of Your Smile 2:48
  3. Quiet Night 2:26
  4. I Got Plenty of Nothin' 3:08
  5. How Much of the Dream Comes True 3:06
  6. Second Hand Rose 2:11
  7. A Kind of Man a Woman Needs 3:55
  8. All That I WantVer letra 3:50


    letra de All That I Want

    I want a gown of diamonds
    Long gloves and sweet perfumes
    Hats made of silks and satins
    Seaqueens and ostrich plums
    I want to wear mascara
    Polish my nails real bright
    I want to be an actress
    Actresses play all night
    If I should sneeze it's a sign
    All that I want to will be mine
    Oh please, pretty, please
    Dear nose make me sneeze
    I want to find my true love
    Like all the love songs say
    I want to do what I want
    I want to get my way
    Wild dreams grow wise
    When sweet childhood flies
    Time waved a hand
    And the breeze blue the sand from my eyes
    I want a gown of kingdom
    Diamonds would weigh me down
    Pompoms and plums are pretty
    If you're a circus clown
    Funny how black mascara
    Streaks when the tears begin
    Nail polish, rouge and powder
    Can't paint the sparkle in
    Once I was slaved to a sneeze
    Now sneezing is just a disease
    A rose is a rose
    And a nose just a nose
    True love's a phrase for love songs
    Real love's a leaving thing
    I want the love worth living
    I want the things I sing
    I want the love worth living
    I want the things I sing

  9. Where's That Rainbow? 3:39
  10. No More Songs for Me 2:54
  11. Medley: Second Hand Rose/Give Me the Simple Life/I Got Plenty of Nothin 5:47

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