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What About Today?

Listado de canciones del álbum What About Today?

  1. What About Today? 2:55
  2. Ask Yourself WhyVer letra 2:57


    letra de Ask Yourself Why

    When you're just out walking and you pass
    Little signs that say "keep off the grass"
    Did you ever stop and ask yourself why?
    Pretty playgrounds children used to know
    Little squares where lovers love to go
    Disappear so parking lots can grow
    Once you start the questions never cease
    What's disturbed when you disturb the peace
    Pets and children are prohibited
    Why? ask yourself why?
    And when you think about it
    Bullets fly like popcorn on the screen
    Recommended wholesome nice and clean
    Making love's the thing that can't be seen
    Let your hair down just an inch or two
    Let your skin be red or green or blue
    They invent a special name for you
    On a clear day oh say can you see
    What remains of mountain's scenery
    Catch a glimpse of all the scenery, sky,
    Beautiful sky ..as shiny as a penny
    So when you're out walking and you pass
    Near a sign that say "keep off the grass"
    Put a sign right next to it that says "why?"

  3. Honey PieVer letra 2:37


    letra de Honey Pie

    She was a working girl
    North of England way
    Now she's in the big time...in the USA
    And if she could hear him, this is what he'd say
    Honey pie, you are making me crazy
    I'm in love but I'm lazy
    So won't ya please come home
    Oh honey pie, my position is tragic
    Come and show me that magic of your Hollywood song
    You became a legend on the silver screen
    And now the thought of meeting you makes me weak in the knees
    Tee tee tee
    Oh honey pie you are driving me frantic
    Sail across the Atlantic to be where you belong
    Honey pie come back to me
    Oh wa wa wa...... wa wa wa wa wa wa wa... wa wa wa
    Wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa
    I like it like this (laughing)
    I like this...
    What kinda music (laughing)
    What kinda music, play it to me... play it to me
    Will the wind that blew her boat across the sea
    Kindly send her sailing back to me? tee hee hee
    Oh honey pie you are making me crazy
    I'm in love but I'm lazy
    So won't ya please come home
    Come..come back to me honey pie
    Do do do do da da da dum
    Now don't get fresh fellas
    De da de do da dumb
    Honey pie come back...

  4. Punky's Dilemma 3:28
  5. Until It's Time for You to Go 2:53
  6. That's a Fine Kind O' Freedom 3:00
  7. Little Tin Soldier 3:51
  8. With a Little Help from My Friends 2:38
  9. AlfieVer letra 3:18


    letra de Alfie

    What's it all about
    Is it just for the moment we live
    What's it all about
    When you sort it out
    Are we meant to take more than we give
    Or are we meant to be kind
    And if only fools are kind
    Then I guess
    It is wise to be cruel
    And if life belongs
    Only to the strong
    What will you lend on
    An old golden rule
    As sure as I believe
    There's a heaven above
    I know there's something much more
    Something even non-believers
    Can believe in
    I believe in love
    Without true love you just exist
    Until you find the love you've missed
    You're nothing
    When you walk let your heart lead the way
    And you'll find love any day

  10. The Morning After 2:38
  11. Good Night 3:45

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