Álbum The Force Behind the Power de Diana Ross - Canciones

The Force Behind the Power

Listado de canciones del álbum The Force Behind the Power

  1. Change of Heart 3:59
  2. When You Tell Me That You Love Me 4:10
  3. Battlefield 3:33
    Músicos invitados: Warren Ham (Harmonica)
  4. Blame It on the Sun 3:51
  5. Heavy Weather 4:57
    Músicos invitados: Warren Ham (Harmonica), James Anthony Carmichael (Keyboards)
  6. The Force Behind the Power 4:40
    Músicos invitados: The Andraé Crouch Choir (Choir)
  7. Heart (Don't Change My Mind) 4:16
    Músicos invitados: John Helliwell (Saxophone)
  8. Waiting in the Wings 4:49
  9. One Shinning Moment 4:44
    Músicos invitados: Larry Klein (Bass), Nathaniel Kunkel (Percussion)
  10. You're Gonna Love It 5:07
    Músicos invitados: Cydney Davis (Backing Vocals)
  11. If We Hold on Together 4:09
    Músicos invitados: Leland Sklar (Bass), Russ Kunkel (Drums), Waddy Wachtel (Guitar), Guy Moon (Keyboards), Randy Kerber (Keyboards)

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