All This Useless Beauty

Elvis Costello

Disco 1

  1. The Other End Of The Telescope
  2. Little Atoms Ver letra 3:58
  3. All This Useless Beauty Ver letra 4:39
  4. Complicated Shadows Ver letra 4:43
  5. Why Can't A Man Stand Alone? 3:14
  6. Distorted Angel Ver letra 4:31
  7. Shallow Grave 2:07
  8. Poor Fractured Atlas Ver letra 4:02
  9. Starting To Come To Me Ver letra 2:43
  10. You Bowed Down Ver letra 4:55
  11. It's Time 6:00
  12. I Want To Vanish Ver letra 3:16

Disco 2

  1. Almost Ideal Eyes Ver letra
  2. My Dark Life (Con Brian Eno)
  3. That Day Is Done (Con The Fairfield Four)
  4. What Do I Do Now? Ver letra
  5. The Bridge I Burned Ver letra
  6. It's Time (demo)
  7. Complicated Shadows (demo)
  8. You Bowed Down Ver letra 4:55
  9. Mistress And Maid (demo)
  10. Distorted Angel (demo)
  11. World's Greatest Optimist (demo)
  12. The Only Flame In Town (demo)
  13. The Comedians (demo)
  14. The Days Take Care Of Everything (demo)
  15. Hidden Shame (demo)
  16. Why Can't A Man Stand Alone (demo)
  17. Distorted Angel (Tricky Remix)

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