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The Juliet Letters

Disco 1

  1. Deliver Us 0:49
  2. For Other EyesVer letra 2:55


    letra de For Other Eyes

    I don't know what i would do
    If this letter should fall into
    Other hands than it should pass through
    For other eyes

    He said, "it was nothing...it's over and done"
    But the rotten worm was burrowing still
    Its spirit invades me bleeding me white
    For other replies
    I searched his pockets
    I searched his eyes
    I searched his wallet for clues and lies
    And i found a number that i somehow dialed
    A woman answered, a woman smiled
    Then she hung up on the silence unperplexed
    Innocently spun her rolodex
    I dialed again i could not resist
    Revealing just the dentist receptionist

    One day we'll laugh about it or maybe we'll curse
    But there is one thing that is making it worse
    And it's the lack of forgiveness that i can't disguise
    No matter how well he lies
    Now we don't know each other anymore
    And when we touch our lips feel sore
    I question the longing left in his sighs
    For other eyes

  3. SwineVer letra 2:08


    letra de Swine

    You're a swine and I'm saying that's an insult to the pig
    In the foul furrow that you dig
    Why don't you lay your head down
    In that unconsecrated ground
    WAS she your MOTHER?
    Or WAS she your bride
    To defile and to blister
    To gnaw at her side
    Is this the end of the world?
    Now that you've finished your life
    This RIDDLE is the work of my little pen-knife

  4. Dead Letter 2:18
  5. I Almost Had A WeaknessVer letra 3:53


    letra de I Almost Had A Weakness

    Thank you for the flowers
    I threw them on the fire
    And I burned the photographs that you had enclosed
    GOD they were ugly children
    So you're the little bastard of that brother of mine
    Trying to trick a poor old woman
    'Til I almost had a weakness

    Last week Cousin Florence
    Bit your Uncle Joe
    Hit him on the forehead with a knife and a fork
    (She) said that he looked like the devil
    Then she said... "pass the vinegar," I'm beginning to think
    (That) I'm the only one who hasn't taken to the drinking of it
    Though I almost had a weakness

    It pains me to mention
    These delicate concerns
    While I have to tolerate you family jewels
    I really mustn't grumble
    ('Cause) when I die the cats and dogs will jump up and down
    And you little swines will get nothing
    Though I almost had a weakness

  6. Why?Ver letra 1:26


    letra de Why?

    Why is Daddy not here?
    Are you crying?
    Does he still love me?
    Will you take care of me?
    If you both love me so
    Why don't you love each other
    Mummy's gone missing
    Daddy's on fire
    Daddy's on fire
    Daddy's on fire

  7. Who Do You Think You Are?Ver letra 3:28


    letra de Who Do You Think You Are?

    The hunted look, the haunted grace
    The empty laugh that you cultivate
    You fall into that false embrace
    And kiss the air about her face
    Who do you think you are?

    The tres bon mots you almost quote from your
    QUIVER of literary darts
    A thousand or so tuneless violins thrilling your cheap
    Little heart
    Who do you think you are?

    My cigarette burns right down to the ash, my coffee
    Cup is unstained
    The waiter hovers close at hand
    His courtesy strained

    Who do you think you are?
    I close with my regards
    Well I'm the red-face gentleman
    Caught in this picture postcard
    Who do you think you are?

    Trying my best to make the best of your absence
    Though the joke gets tired and sordid
    Sea-shell hearts get trampled under foot
    Punchlines unrewarded

    But even at this distance it's not easy to accept
    The vision that I chase returns when I least expect it
    I've fallen from your tired embrace
    I kiss the air around the place that should be your face

  8. Taking my Life In Your HandsVer letra 3:20


    letra de Taking my Life In Your Hands

    My dear impulsive darling I suspect my letter got to you too late
    And it's really just a silly fragment of paper
    But it means so much to those who wait
    All the suffering days and nights 'til I dare dream again
    There you suddenly stand and I'll be damned if you
    Didn't disappear with the dawn

    Hours pass and darkness comes
    Soon I will close my eyes
    Will you return if you don't reply
    You'll be taking my life in your hands
    You'll be taking my life in your hands
    Taking my life in your hands

    I don't know why my dearest darling
    I can't tell you how I feel when you are near
    When I see you have returned my letters unopened
    I will tear them up, your voice ringing in my ears
    But you're kidding yourself if you think this
    correspondence will end
    I can always pretend words I don't have the courage to
    Reach you


  9. This Offer is UnrepeatableVer letra 3:12


    letra de This Offer is Unrepeatable

    Don't send any money!
    Fate has no price
    Ignore at your peril this splendid advice
    An invaluable link in an infinite chain
    An offer like this will just not come again

    You wish you had women to charm and bewitch
    Power of life and death over the rich young girls will be swooning
    Because you're exciting them
    And not only fall at your feet but be biting them

    Guaranteed, guaranteed to capture your breath
    Or just possibly scare you to death

    Sign it and seal it and send it to friends
    But don't mention my name
    Don't make any long term plans

    In thirty-six hours your fortunes will change
    Your best friends won't know you
    And neither will strangers
    Do not keep this letter
    It must leave your hand
    You have been selected from over five thousand

    A twister or dupe will bamboozle or hoodwink you
    I can't say more it would only confuse you
    The wine that they offer will go to your head
    And you'll start to see double in fishes and bread

    Guaranteed, guaranteed for a lifetime or more
    Guaranteed, for this world and the next
    Guaranteed, guaranteed for the world and its mother
    Cherish this life as you don't get another one

    Unless you should take up this fabulous offer
    Don't leave it too late or you'll be bound to suffer
    And woebetide anyone so woebegone
    You won't know you're born or about to pass on

    You'll never get tired
    You'll never get bored
    By the way i just hope you're insured

    And if you're not satisfied
    If you want more
    We can always provide an improved overture
    Guaranteed at a price that is almost unbeatable
    This offer is unrepeatable

    Your trouble will vanish
    Your tears will dry
    Your blessing will just multiply
    Guaranteed at a price that is almost unbeatable
    This offer is unrepeatable

    Guaranteed, guaranteed to bring fortune and favor
    In a riot of colours, (a variety of) and flavours
    Guaranteed at a price that is almost unbeatable
    This offer is unrepeatable

    Would i lie to you? would i sell you a dud?
    Just sign on the line. could you possibly write it in blood?

  10. Dear Sweet Filthy WorldVer letra 4:17


    letra de Dear Sweet Filthy World

    Dear sweet filthy world, my wife or whoever reads this
    I think that I've lived too long
    With all of my promise unfulfilled
    But there is a veil drawn over all of that

    I know you'll probably say, "Spare us the melodrama"
    "I don't know how he chose the pills or the stupid revolver"
    I'm out of luck
    I'm not that strong
    My hands, your neck
    I might have wrung

    Don't try to find me
    I'm not worth anything anymore
    I am not leaving you with all of your problems
    The biggest one is me

    Life is dark
    Cold as the sea
    Embrace me in my anguish
    Put seaweed in my hair and vow that you won't cry because
    I've gone
    I can't go on, I can't go on, I can't go on
    I must close now

  11. Letter Home
  12. Jacksons, Monk and RoweVer letra 3:43


    letra de Jacksons, Monk and Rowe

    Sister 4 and Brothers 3
    Hanging off the family tree
    Practising for getting old
    Do you want your fortune told
    They're looking for you high and low
    Now there's nowhere for you to go
    So you'll just have to come out and face the music
    Jacksons, Monk and Rowe

    Long ago when we were kids and we cut your hair to bits
    As we carried off like spoils the heads we'd smash right off
    your dolls
    But the wind is changing you know
    Are you sure of your friends and your foe
    Have you got what it takes to carry it off
    Jacksons, Monk and Rowe

    As the sun beats down and life begins to complicate
    Will we both incinerate
    If we touch that brass name-plate

    Messrs. All, noble Sirs
    Highly paid solicitors
    Find enclosed my signed divorce
    Sad proceedings you endorse
    The burden of pity will show
    In the people we used to know
    Have you got enough strength to carry it off
    Jacksons, Monk and Rowe

  13. Sad Burlesque
  14. Romeo's Seance 3:32
  15. I Thought I'd Write To Juliet 4:07
  16. Last Post 2:24
  17. First to Leave
  18. Damnation's Cellar 3:25
  19. Birds Will Still Be Singing

Disco 2

  1. She Moved Through the Fair (Bonus)
  2. Pills and Soap (En Vivo) (Bonus)
  3. King of the Unknown Sea (En Vivo) (Bonus)
  4. Skeleton (En Vivo) (Bonus)
  5. More Than Rain (En Vivo) (Bonus)
  6. God Only Knows (En Vivo) (Bonus)
  7. They Didn't Believe Me (En Vivo) (Bonus)
  8. O Mistress Mine – Con John Harle
  9. Come Away Death – Con John Harle
  10. Put Away Forbidden Playthings – Con Fretwork
  11. Can She Excuse My Wrongs
  12. Fire Suite 1Ver letra


    letra de Fire Suite 1

    I remember that dance
    On the roof of my car
    When St. Lucy's mad torch
    Took away our best bar

    Say we drank
    And we prayed
    Some just sat like a choir
    Came the smoke
    In the night
    Came the heat
    Came the fire

    Ember glow lagered ash
    I was pissed as a fart
    Stricken some dumb plum numb
    We was broken at heart

    Say we drank
    And we prayed
    Some just sat like a choir
    Came the smoke
    In the night
    Came the light
    Came the fire

  13. Fire Suite 3 (Con Roy Nathanson)
  14. Fire Suite Reprise (Con Roy Nathanson)
  15. Gigi (Con Bill Frisell)
  16. Deep Dead Blue (Con Bill Frisell)
  17. Upon a Veil of Midnight BlueVer letra


    letra de Upon a Veil of Midnight Blue

    Upon a veil of midnight blue
    There hung a crescent moon
    To light the view
    But I don't whisper the words
    When the moment arose
    I wonder how he knows
    You say your tongue is tied
    Your words escape and hide
    But he's so patient and kind
    He's prepared to read your mind
    That's very well till you find
    Because of the wine you drank
    Your mind is still a blank

    I wonder how he knows
    I guess I will wonder until
    I pluck up the courage to tell him
    How I feel
    So close I can feel his heart tremble
    That look in his eyes as they close
    I wonder how he knows

    I wonder how he knows

  18. Lost in the StarsVer letra


    letra de Lost in the Stars

    Before Lord God made the sea and the land
    He held all the stars in the palm of his hand
    And they ran through his fingers like grains of sand
    And one little star fall alone

    Then the Lord God hunted through the wild night air
    For the little dark star in the wind down there
    And he stated and promised he'd take special care
    So it wouldn't get lost again

    Now, man don't mind if the stars grow dim
    And the clouds blow over and darken him
    So long as the Lord God's watching over him
    Keeping track how it all goes on

    But I've been walking through the night and the day
    Till my eyes get weary and my hair turns grey
    And sometimes it seems maybe God's gone away
    Forgetting the promise that we heard him say

    And we're lost out here in the stars
    Little stars, big stars
    Blowing through the night

    And we're lost out here in the stars
    Little stars, big stars
    Blowing through the night

    And we're lost out here in the stars

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