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Brutal Youth

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  1. Pony St. 3:25
  2. Kinder MurderVer letra 3:25


    letra de Kinder Murder

    Here in the bar, the boys like to have fun
    There's a wager lost and an argument won
    There's a stone-washed damsel on a junk food run

    It's a kinder murder

    There's a ladder to heaven from a battered stiletto
    Spitting out the words that he put into her mouth
    See her in silhouette going down south

    It's a kinder murder
    It's a kinder murder

    She could have kept her knees together
    Should have kept her mouth shut

    It's a kinder murder
    It's a kinder murder

    Jimmy took her down to the perimeter fence
    He was back in half an hour, he said he left her senseless
    Then he went back to his regiment

    It's a kinder murder

    The officer said it has to be denied
    There's a tear-stained would-be teenage bride
    All the family pride in the little ram-rider

    It's a kinder murder
    It's a kinder murder

    She could have kept her knees together
    Should have kept her mouth shut

    It's a kinder murder
    It's a kinder murder

    The child went missing and the photo fit his face
    Dishonoured Jimmy just read about the case
    He said that he was just taking up space

    It's a kinder murder

    Jimmy took his best friend's keys from the pile on the table in a flash
    He was dreaming of the pigskin seats and the walnut dash
    The knickers in her handbag and the one false eyelash

    It's a kinder murder
    It's a kinder murder

    She could have kept her knees together
    Could have kept her mouth shut

    It's a kinder murder [4x]

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  3. 13 Steps Lead DownVer letra 3:16


    letra de 13 Steps Lead Down

    When nobody knows she puts on secret clothes
    And lies in the meadow with her hands tied behind her back
    I won't refuse if you know how to use it
    Just stop playing that ugly drug music

    Thirteen steps lead down
    Thirteen steps lead down
    There's commoners and kings
    And everyone's a prisoner of
    Paper and glue
    And a decent pair of scissors
    So tonight I'm drinking to your health
    Because I just can't stand myself

    Thirteen steps lead down [4x]

    She stands and fails
    On fashion fingernails
    Her lovers have her walking 'round
    On instruments of torture
    And one of them is poisonous
    The other is a thief they say
    So what one could give to her
    The other cannot take away

    When nobody knows she puts on secret clothes
    And lies in her splendour for a picture opportunity
    Cover up that bruise, put on patent leather shoes
    Just stop playing that bad mood music


    Thirteen steps lead down [4x]

  4. This Is HellVer letra 4:27


    letra de This Is Hell

    This is hell, this is hell
    I am sorry to tell you
    It never gets better or worse
    But you get used to it after a spell
    For heaven is hell in reverse

    The bruiser spun a hula hoop
    As all the barmen preen and pout
    The neon "i" of nightclub flickers on and off
    And finally blew out
    The irritating jingle
    Of the belly-dancing phoney turkish girls
    The eerie glare of ultra violet
    Perfect dental work


    The failed don juan in the big bow-tie
    Is very sorry that he spoke
    For he's mislaid his punchline
    More than halfway through a very tasteless joke
    The fräulein caught him peeking down her gown
    He's yelling in her ear
    And all at once the music stopped
    As he was intimately bellowing "my dear . . ."


    The shirt you wore with courage
    And the violent nylon suit
    Reappear upon your back
    And undermine the polished line you try to shoot
    It's not the torment of the flames
    That finally see your flesh corrupted
    It's the small humiliations that your memory piles up

    This is hell, this is hell, this is hell.

    "my favourite things" are playing
    Again and again
    But it's by julie andrews
    And not by john coltrane
    Endless balmy breezes and perfect sunsets framed
    Vintage wine for breakfast
    And naked starlets floating in champagne
    All the passions of your youth
    Are tranquillised and tamed
    You may think it looks familiar
    Though you may know it by another name


    This is hell, this is hell.

  5. Clown StrikeVer letra 4:05


    letra de Clown Strike

    She'll fix you with an iron cross
    And cover you up with petals
    And hang you up with some amber beads
    And four or five precious metals
    And in that black flamingo chair
    You'll sit among her trophies
    And pray to be abandoned
    Till you don't know what hope is

    But there's one thing that I had to keep inside
    Because I was shaking
    Why don't you get some pride
    There was a clown strike
    And the clowns threw down their tools
    But you don't have to play so hard
    And I'm nobody's fool
    You don't have to go so far
    'Cause I love you as you are

    The big top is deserted now
    And the circus girl rehearses
    She knows how to turn their heads
    And not fall between two horses
    But all that seems a simple step
    If only I were able
    To love you like I want to do
    And not by some times table


    And it's pandemonium
    For the humble and the mighty
    You don't have to tumble for me
    Even a clown knows when to strike

    Tell me what you want of me
    Or are you terrified of failure?
    You put on a superstitious face
    Behind all this paraphernalia
    We're not living in a masquerade
    Where you only have three wishes
    It isn't easy to see
    In a lifetime of mistaken kisses


    In this pandemonium
    For the humble and the mighty
    You don't have to tumble for me
    Even a clown knows when to strike

  6. You Tripped At Every StepVer letra 4:12


    letra de You Tripped At Every Step

    Take your tiny feet out of your mother's shoes
    Or there is going to be a terrible scene
    It's not just the lipstick drawn on crooked
    When they find how wicked we are
    How wicked we have been
    How I've been tempted

    How you tripped at every step
    You tripped at every step, you tripped at every step
    How you tripped at every step

    There's a merry tune that starts in "I"
    And ends in "You," like many famous pop songs do
    You would sing along with little tell-tale staggers
    While balancing on daggers
    Though they were killing you
    You looked so deadly


    And I would try to catch you
    Anytime you call
    Only you drank that potion
    And went out of control
    There's nothing to stop you
    So how can you fall?
    Let me take your hand
    Put down that frying pan

    Darkness would become me underneath the table
    As the fury raged around the house
    Your despairing tread was angry and unstable
    You never suspected
    Just as that cartoon mouse
    Went undetected

    So you tripped at every step

    In another world of gin and cigarettes
    Those cocktail cabinets put mud in your eye
    Maybe that is why you find it hard to see me
    And if you don't believe me
    Before you start to cry
    "Don't ever leave me"

    As you start to lose your grip
    (Once you start losing your grip)
    You will stumble as you slip
    (And you will stumble and slip)
    As you tripped at every step
    You tripped at every step, you tripped at every step
    As you tripped at every step

  7. Still Too Soon To KnowVer letra 2:19


    letra de Still Too Soon To Know

    Do you love him
    Or is it still too soon to know?
    When I think back a couple of days
    Before I found you in his spell
    Was there a warning?
    What can I say
    Should I look away
    It's still too soon to know

    Are you sorry
    Or is it still to soon to know?
    It didn't take much to break us in two
    For it was in the way that he came close to touching you
    The look in your eyes
    I thought I recognised
    It's still too soon to know

    And it's still too soon to know
    Will you stay or will you go?
    It's still too soon to know

    When I think back a couple of days
    If I wasn't happy then, I never will be
    I wonder was this ignorance or bliss?
    It's still too soon to know

  8. 20% AmnesiaVer letra 3:26


    letra de 20% Amnesia

    What is your destiny? the police woman said....(20% amnesia)
    The word that she wanted was destination i'm afraid (20% amnesia)
    This is your future boy, this is your fate (20% amnesia)
    And you're obsolete and they can't afford to educate you (20% amnesia)

    In his bedtime boot boy jersey
    Ringing up some fantasy tart
    Give me strength or give me mercy
    Life intimidates art

    Give me strength or give me mercy
    Don't let me lose heart
    From rage to anaesthesia
    Twenty percent amnesia

    Were you passed out on the sofa (20% amnesia)
    While justice was bartered by a drunken oaf? (20% amnesia)
    This is all your glorious country thinks of your life (20% amnesia)
    Stripped jack naked with a stanley knife (20% amnesia)

    So the german queen went home again
    But she couldn't find forgiveness
    They made a fist of her hand of friendship
    But it's only business


    The wine you drink has never seen a grape
    And now your sci-fi suit has lost its shape
    But its a dangerous game that comedy plays
    Sometimes it tells you the truth, sometimes it delays it

    Think back, think back if you still can
    When the trumpet sounded and the world began
    Somebody said "we must have won"
    So they started burying the boogeyman

    Mister gorbachov came cap in hand (20% amnesia)
    From a bankrupt land to a bankrupt land (20% amnesia)
    Mister gorbachov and some other fella (20% amnesia)
    Were taken to a show called "cinderella" (20% amnesia)
    It wasn't an accident, it wasn't a mystery (20% amnesia)
    It was calculated and the rest is history (20% amnesia)

    You don't have to listen to me
    That's the triumph of free will
    When there are promises to break
    And dreams to kill


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  9. Sulky GirlVer letra 5:07


    letra de Sulky Girl

    She wears a wedding ring her sister lent
    To throw them off the scent
    Just let them guess, it's what they expect
    Who in the world has bitten her neck?
    She's discovered wearing last night's dress
    The carnal and cunning, she couldn't express
    Who do you think she's trying to impress?

    I think you'd better hold your tongue
    Although you've never been that strong
    I'm sorry to say that I knew all along
    You're no match for that sulky girl

    She left her European town
    Before she let the family down
    She couldn't stand the Massacre Game
    So she dyed her hair and adopted another name
    With the evidence of passing out stamped on her hand
    She glows in the dark
    He thinks she's from another planet


    Sulky girl
    I'm sure you look a picture when you cry
    Threatening the silent treatment doesn't qualify
    It's like money in the bank
    Your expression is blank
    But while the chance appears
    You'll be nearer to tears
    Sulky girl (2x)

    He said "Hello, my pretty flower"
    Just trying out his tycoon power
    Avoiding the mirror, her pitying stare
    She said "You're mistaken, your money's no good in here"
    Just some stupid little know-it-all
    Who thought she looked easy; he's not that astute
    He'll pay for the distance
    Between cruelty and beauty


    So I won't tell you again
    What do you gain
    By blackening her name
    She's smarter than you
    Oh isn't it a shame
    You're gonna lose that sulky girl

    Sulky girl
    I saw you practising your blackmail faces
    Suddenly you're talking like a duchess
    But you're still a waitress
    I saw through your pretence
    But in my defence
    There are a few events
    I think will spare the censor
    Sulky girl (4x)

  10. London's Brilliant Parade 4:23
  11. My Science Fiction TwinVer letra 4:10


    letra de My Science Fiction Twin

    My science fiction twin
    Is doing better than expected
    He captured a little blonde trophy wife
    Who's really very well connected
    And when he calls home with his alibi
    She says "Is this really necessary?"
    But she knows that a man can't be a man
    Unless he's punishing his secretary
    He sips in the glow of a '61 vintage
    Just as the day is dimming
    With every intention of surrendering
    To fifty-foot women
    Who put the fascination back into my science fiction twin

    My science fiction twin
    Decided to become invisible
    He has my eyes, my face, my voice
    But he's only happy when I'm miserable
    The words flew from his mouth
    And they were gently gathered by reporters
    Trying to frame his once infamous flame
    With tattered pictures of her daughter
    Her hair is all made out of porcupine
    Her figure is fantastic
    But as you know, they corrupted her
    So they're being sarcastic
    Who put the fascination back into my science fiction twin

    He'll scream and shout
    Everything is working out just as he predicted
    Pride and position in the gallery of attempted people
    Oh and the pain is so sweet
    Better stamp his little feet
    And you'll even have time to pity me
    How can you feel content?
    You wonder where this fellow went

    My science fiction twin
    Escorted by his lovely nieces
    Filled up his purse dictating verse
    While painting masterpieces
    His almost universal excellence
    Is starting to disturb me
    They asked how in the world he does all these things
    And he answered "Superbly"
    He's trapped in his own parallel dimension
    That's why I'm so forgiving
    But how could I possibly forget to mention those fifty-foot women
    Who put the fascination back into my science fiction twin

    My science fiction twin (4x)

  12. Rocking Horse RoadVer letra 4:03


    letra de Rocking Horse Road

    The chains from the bridle and the reins fell from my hands
    The engines are idle and the ship sails on dry land
    I stood there stupefied, I thought I recognized
    Walking down Rocking Horse Road, getting lost

    Shot through Vaseline, he picks up the paper from the lawn
    And tucks "The Suburban Assassin" underneath his arm
    He smiles weakly and turns away
    I know you'll never come to harm
    Walking down Rocking Horse Road, it's so peaceful

    It's like a photograph
    From the other side of the world
    I said "I want you only"
    And then I left you alone
    Crying on Rocking Horse Road, or somewhere quite like it

    The cemetery gardens, there are names not numbers on the gateposts
    And the eyes in the curtain follow you like a smirking ghost
    I know I must not look back
    'Cause part of me is waiting still

    There on Rocking Horse Road for you
    In a little dream house made for two
    Well you were the one that made your escape
    In your stocking feet and your sticky tape

    All the way down
    Till fade

  13. Just About GladVer letra 3:14


    letra de Just About Glad

    I'm just about glad that I knew you once
    And it was more than just a passing acquaintance
    I'm just about glad that it was a memory
    That doesn't need constant maintenance
    There are a few things that I regret
    But nothing that I need to forget
    For all of the courage that we never had
    I'm just about glad

    Just about glad we didn't do that thing
    Just about glad we didn't have that fling
    Just about glad we didn't give it a try
    Just about glad, is that a tear in your eye

    And on the few times I rang to propose
    There was a man there or so I suppose
    The greatest lover that you never had
    I'm just about glad

    They called time and vodka and lime
    In some far flung Canadian club
    (Just about glad)
    And there I was just waiting to fall
    Like a toe just aching to stub
    (Just about glad)
    Later on I could never accept it
    When you finally gave it all to him
    (Just about glad)
    And you said that my nurse was sweet
    But her lamp was just beginning to dim

    I'm just about glad
    That we never did that thing we were going to do
    I'm just about glad I can look you in the eye
    But I can't say the same for you
    And though the passion still flutters and flickers
    It never got into our knickers
    For all of the courage that we never had
    I'm just about, I'm just about
    I'm just about, I'm just about


    And it's all just a stupid creation
    Of my feverous imagination
    If I'm the greatest lover that you never had
    I'm just about, I'm just about
    I'm just about, I'm just about


    Is that a tear in your eye (3x)

  14. All The RageVer letra 3:52


    letra de All The Rage


    The twitching impulses to speak your mind
    I'll lend you my microscope and maybe you will find it
    Is it in that ugly place that's just behind your face
    Where you keep my picture still despite the fact
    That you had me replaced

    Say "goodbye"
    Baby can't you act your age?
    You know why
    I'm going to give it to you straight
    Although i'll never be
    Unhappy as you want me to be
    Still it's all the rage

    I'll probably play along
    Left to my own devices
    Spare me the drone of your advice
    The sins of garter and gin
    Confession may delay
    You know the measuring pole
    The merry boots of clay
    I've heard it all before
    You'll say it anyway


    Alone with your tweezers and your handkerchief
    You murder time and truth, love, laughter and belief
    So don't try to touch my heart, it's darker than you think
    And don't try to read my mind because it's full of disappearing ink


    Although i'll never be
    Unhappy as you want me to be
    Still it's all the rage

  15. Favourite HourVer letra 3:31


    letra de Favourite Hour

    Figure hanging on a leather band
    Cog consults the watch he cups in his hand
    Bejewelled movement measures lost and vanished time
    Pray for the boy who makes his bed in cold earth and quicklime

    So stay the hands, arrest the time
    'till i am captured by your touch
    Blessings i don't count
    Small mercies and such
    The flags may lower as we approach the favourite hour

    Now there's a tragic waste of brutal youth
    Strip and polish this unvarnished truth
    The tricky door that gapes beneath the ragged noose
    The crippled verdict begs again for the lamest excuse


    Pull out my eyes so i may never spy
    Waving branches as they're waving goodbye
    Their vile perfume brings to my mouth a bitter taste
    The murmuring brooks had best speak up, it's a terrible waste


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