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Deep Dead Blue, Live at Meltdown

Listado de canciones del álbum Deep Dead Blue, Live at Meltdown

  1. Weird NightmareVer letra 3:35


    letra de Weird Nightmare

    Weird nightmare
    You haunt my every dream
    Weird nightmare
    Tell me what's your scheme?
    Can it be that you're a part
    Of a lonely broken heart?

    Weird nightmare
    Why must you torment me?
    Weird nightmare
    Pain and misery
    In a heart that's loved and lost
    Take away the grief you've caused

    Can't sleep at night
    Twist, turn in fright
    With the fear that I'll live it all again
    In my dreams

    You're there to haunt me
    When you say she doesn't want me
    I've been hurt
    Do you know what that means?

    Weird nightmare
    Take away this dream you've born
    Weird nightmare
    Mend a heart that's torn
    That has paid the price of love
    A thousand fold
    Bring me a love
    With a heart of gold

    Weird nightmare

  2. Love FieldVer letra 3:25


    letra de Love Field

    You lie so unfolded
    In a love field
    With your contempt for any modesty
    In a love field

    In a love field
    In a love field
    You yield with your lips still sealed
    In a love field
    Lost in a sea of imaginary women
    Everything you'd want
    from the dawn to the dimming

    Breath comes sharp and heart beats faster
    In a love field
    Cold ground for a pillow
    Under a blanket of stars
    In a love field

    In a love field
    In a love field
    Headlights that startled
    This embrace of hours
    In a love field

    In a crooked house
    Where things can be arranged
    You think you're different from the rest
    But you don't see how you've changed

    Under an archway
    On a road of white linen
    In a love field
    Feel the anxious rhythm of a functional stranger
    In a love field

    In a love field
    In a love field
    She's so tense but it's never mentioned
    In a love field

    Composición: Elvis Costello
  3. Shamed Into LoveVer letra 4:26


    letra de Shamed Into Love

    I fear, my dear
    We've forgotten the things strangers do
    If we could look back
    To the terrible thrill that we knew
    Am I imagining a world without you?
    Must we be shamed into love?

    What can I say?
    Will you pardon my stupid embrace?
    Sometimes I'm desperate
    While you're wiping the smile from your face
    Am I surrendering, or am I replaced?
    Must we be shamed into love?

    Shamed into love
    You're once a fool for having it
    Twice for letting it go
    Somewhere, my love, there's a feeling deep inside of me
    That I can't let go
    Oh, you'll never know

    But then, my darling
    I've forbidden myself to confess
    I've looked around now
    But I always return to your face
    In a world where everything
    I once cursed, I bless
    It must be you who shamed me into love

    Must we be shamed into love?

    Composición: Elvis Costello, Ruben Blades
  4. GigiVer letra 4:16


    letra de Gigi

    Am I a fool without a mind?
    Or have I nearly been too blind to realize
    Oh Gigi
    While you've been growing up before my eyes

    You're not at all that funny awkard little girl I knew
    No, overnight there's been a breathless change in you
    Oh Gigi
    While you were trembling on the brink
    Was I out yonder somewhere blinking at a star?

    Oh Gigi
    Have I been standing up too close or back too far?
    When did your sparkle turn to fire?
    And your warmth become desire
    Oh what miracle has made you the way you are?

    When did your warmth become desire?
    And your sparkle turn to fire?
    Oh what miracle has made you the way you are?

    Oh Gigi

    Composición: Al Lerner, Frederick Loewe
  5. Poor NapoleonVer letra 4:05


    letra de Poor Napoleon

    I can't lie on this bed anymore it burns my skin
    You can take the truthful things you've said to me
    And put them on the head of a pin

    Poor Napoleon

    You always look so disappointed when I take my stockings off
    Don't you know the facts of life, boy
    Don't you know what these things cost
    She was selling stolen kisses to travelling salesmen and minstrel singers
    You put a penny in the slot
    She called you her Magic Fingers

    Poor Napoleon

    I bet she isn't all that's advertised
    I bet that isn't all she fakes
    Just like that place where they take your spine
    And turn it into soapflakes

    so good night little school boy, you'd better learn some self control
    did you mess up your hairstyle, pour scorn in your begging bowl

    Bare wires from the socket to the bed where you embraced that girl
    Did you ever think there's far too many people in the world?
    One day they'll probably make a movie out of all of this
    There won't even have to be a murder just a slow dissolving kiss

    Composición: Declan Patrick Aloysius Macmanus
  6. Baby Plays AroundVer letra 3:09


    letra de Baby Plays Around

    It's not open to discussion anymore
    She's out again tonight and I'm alone once more
    She's all I have worth waiting for
    But baby plays around

    And so it seems I've always been the last to know
    To hold on to that girl, I had to let her go
    I wish to God I didn't love her so
    'Cos baby plays around

    I try to be strong hold on to my pride
    She doesn't even know it's wrong, how much I hurt Inside
    And heaven knows I've tried
    But baby plays around. just a plaything
    It's hard to reconcile the facts I'm facing

    It's not open to discussion anymore
    She walks those shiny streets
    I walk the worn out floor
    She's all I have worth living for
    Baby plays, baby plays around

    Composición: Cait O'Riordan, Declan Patrick Aloysius Macmanus
  7. Deep Dead BlueVer letra 3:51


    letra de Deep Dead Blue

    Deep dead blue
    Deep dead blue
    Deep dead blue that nightly shades
    I'm lost in deep dead blue
    Deep dead blue
    Beyond the deep dead blue

    Composición: Bill Frisell, Elvis Costello

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