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  1. Any Other Way, (If There Was)
  2. If Love Is Out Of The QuestionVer letra 3:54


    letra de If Love Is Out Of The Question

    (Paul Bliss/Phil Palmer)

    You bought me flowers and you sold me a line
    You gave me compliments and too much wine
    I've played that game I know all the moves

    You show emotion but you hide what you feel
    You play the innocent but I've watched you steal
    I rest my case you stand accused

    But I must confess I was quite impressed
    You seduced me with your easy charm
    And I must admit I could fall for it

    But if love is out the question
    There's no point to this affection
    I gotta have more than ecstasy
    Make me believe
    I'm all you'll ever need
    Make me believe
    Cause if love is out the question
    Put a little heart to your intention
    I gotta have more than ecstasy
    Make me believe
    I'm all you'll ever need

    You talk in circles when I need a straight line
    You've got your principles and I've got mine
    We all need commitment that's all I ask
    (Is that a crime?)

    And I must confess I was quite impressed
    I was losing to your winning ways
    But I must resist there's no point to this

    But if love is out the question
    There's no point to this affection
    I gotta have more than ecstasy
    Make me believe
    I'm all you'll ever need

    Cause if love is out the question I just gotta stop
    Little point to this affection I just wanna stop
    It makes no sense to carry on like this
    If there's nothing between us you don't know what
    You'll miss

    No love
    There's no love
    Baby it's true
    There's no love

    But if love is out the question
    There's no point to this affection
    Cause if love is out the question
    Put a little heart in your intention


  3. Where Does My Heart Beat Now 4:33
  4. The Last To Know 4:35
  5. I'm Loving Every Moment With You
  6. Love By Another NameVer letra 4:51


    letra de Love By Another Name

    (David Foster / Cliff Magnes / Glen Ballard)

    Somewhere past midnight
    When the moment is just right
    We ride the streets of desire
    We take it slow and
    Always get where we're goin'
    'Cause where there's smoke there's fire

    There's no denying
    We don't need to keep trying
    Let's face the music and dance

    Well it's all semantic
    What we never say
    But what we feel ain't goin' away

    So I wonder- how could we be feeling
    More than this Tell me true
    What it is, 'cause

    Something has to make us feel this way
    Love by another name
    Doesn't matter 'cause it's still the same love
    Won't depend upon the words we say
    Love by another name
    Something happens when we're making love

    Si ce n'est pas l'amour
    Qu'est-ce que c'est?

    If it's not love What is it?

    We're superstitious
    When every day is like Christmas
    It should be left undisturbed
    No promise spoken
    Hearts don't have to get broken
    More than a four letter word

    If we're just pretending
    We can write a new ending
    If we don't like where it leads

    Well it's new romantic
    Action over words
    The sweetest nothings that I've heard

    I can't tell you everything I'm feeling
    More than this
    Do you know
    What it is, 'cause

    I know that I can't describe
    What I'm feeling inside
    Maybe I'll learn
    I guess I live with the fear
    This could all disappear
    If I try to put it in words

  7. Unison 4:12
  8. I Feel Too MuchVer letra 4:08


    letra de I Feel Too Much

    (Tom Keane / Eric Pressley)

    I just wanted you to talk to me
    But baby you captured my heart so easy
    And I know love, baby when I see it
    Boy when you're near me that's the
    Feeling I get

    It's pure emotion inside of me
    And all I know is I feel

    To much, too much baby all I do is think
    About you night and day I feel too
    Too much, too much baby don't let go 'cause
    It's my heart your takin'

    The spell that I'm under I can't undo
    But baby I wonder do you feel it too

    A classic case of infatuation
    Is it possible that I feel

    It's a serious connection when I look into your eyes
    When you show me your affection, its more than I realized

  9. If We Could Start OverVer letra 4:23


    letra de If We Could Start Over

    (Stan Meissner)

    I never found out why you walked away
    And never said good-bye
    But now that I see you
    I'm torn inside, but I've still got my pride

    I understand that some things are better left unsaid
    I'm afraid of the truth
    But what can I do if I still want you

    If we could start over again
    I know if we try our love could be stronger
    If we could start over again
    I'm sure, we oh
    We'd never have to let go

    For so many years now
    I've held inside things I meant to say
    But faced with the past now I realize
    I can't let that stand in our way

    I never knew that a love so strong would never fade
    But what can we do
    If I still want you
    And you want me too

    How can we walk away
    From something that was once so strong
    Have we the strength to say we're wrong

  10. Have A HeartVer letra 4:13


    letra de Have A Heart

    (Aldo Nova/ Billy Steinberg/ Ralph McCarthy)

    Lying in bed alone
    Thinkin' 'bout how much I need you
    Oh, give me one more chance to see you again
    If only I'd have known
    It was the last time I'd be with you
    I would've held on and never let you go

    Baby, just have a heart
    I'm begging you
    Let me show you how much I need you
    Baby, just have a heart
    This much is true
    I miss your touch
    I'm still in love with you

    Here comes another day
    I don't know if I can make it
    Oh, I just realized it's so lonely being free
    Runnin' from the pain
    I'm never gonna shake it
    Oh, how I need you to take it from me

    I always thought that I would have the upper hand
    But now I know that I'm really not that strong
    If I could only make you understand
    I'd give you the world but for a start...

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  1. rencos: ES UN BUEN DISCO
  2. maure: exelente disco
  3. : quando ti sento cantare mi trasferisci una emozione inimmaginabile e mi scendono le lacrime di gioia,grazie di per darmi queste emozioni bellissime ti adoro,che dio ti benedica.
  4. : Disco totalmente imperdible, su voz, su fuerza inspira el alma y me alimenta, que buenoooooo desde Argentina .
  5. Brian: Muy Buen Album tiene mucho trabajo musical y fuerza en su sonido , y bueno ni hablar de la alucinante voz de Celine...

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