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Tin Machine


En 1989, David Bowie creó el grupo de rock Tin Machine, con el que lanzó este álbum homónimo con el sello EMI. Aunque el debut de Tin Machine alcanzó el número tres en Reino unido, los niveles de ventas no fueron los deseados y Bowie y EMI no renovaron su contrato. La banda fue la última aventura de David Bowie, inspirada en las sesiones con el guitarrista Reeves Gabrels. El baterista Hunt Sales y el bajista Tony Fox Sales formaron el resto de la banda, junto al considerado como quinto miembro, Kevin Armstrong, a cargo de la guitarra rítmica y el órgano Hammond.

El proyecto fue pensado como un álbum de regreso a los orígenes de Bowie, con un sonido de hard rock y una producción simple, en contraste de sus dos últimos álbumes en solitario. A diferencia de las bandas anteriores de Bowie, como Spiders from Mars, Tin Machine formaba un grupo más democrático, con decisiones consensuadas.

El álbum tuvo una continuación con "Tin Machine II", lanzado en septiembre de 1991.

Listado de canciones del álbum Tin Machine

  1. Heaven´s in Here
  2. Tin Machine
  3. Prisoner of Love
  4. Crack CityVer letra


    letra de Crack City

    (D. Bowie)

    Oh come all you children
    Don't grab that scabby hand
    It belongs to Mr. Sniff and tell
    It belongs to the candyman
    Don't whore your little bodies
    To the worms of paradise
    Like Everest it's fatal
    Its peaks are cold as ice
    They're riding on the subways
    They're riding on the streets
    They'll ride you down to the gutters
    They'll ride you off your feet

    Gonna hit Crack City (Hit Crack City)

    Piss on the icon monsters
    Whose guitars bequeath you pain
    They'll face you down to their level
    With their addictions and their fast lanes
    Corrupt with shaky visions
    And crack and coke and alcohol
    They're just a bunch of assholes
    With buttholes for their brains
    You can't keep on riding
    The pain you know so well
    They'll ride you down to the gutter
    They'll ride you down to hell

    And you the master dealer
    May death be on your brow
    May razors slash your mainline
    I'm calling you out right now
    May all your vilest nightmares
    Consume your shrunken head
    May the ho-ho-hounds of paranoia
    Dance upon your stinking bed
    Don't look at me you fuckhead
    This nation's turning blue
    Its stink it fouls the highways
    Its filth it sticks like glue

    They'll bury you in velvet
    And place you underground
    The hatred of yourself
    And the sufferings that conspire
    To take your little body and throw it to the fools
    And the hounds that rip your flesh
    Only your mind can take you out of this
    Only your mind or death

    I'm riding on the subway
    The subway down to hell
    I've finished with this journey
    I seem to know it well

  5. I Can´t Read
  6. Under the God
  7. AmazingVer letra


    letra de Amazing

    (D. Bowie/are. Gabrels)

    I'm lazy
    You're crazy, girl
    Stay by my side

    I'm scared you'll
    Meet someone
    In whom you'll confide

    Life's still a dream
    Your love's amazing
    Since I found you
    My life's amazing

    I pledge you
    You'll never be blue
    There's too much at stake to be down

    My nightmare
    Rooted here
    Watching you go
    Divine in both our lives

    My life's a roll
    Go go go
    And it's amazing

  8. Working Class Hero
  9. Bus StopVer letra


    letra de Bus Stop

    (D. Bowie/are. Gabrels)

    There's a cry that is heard in the city
    From Vivian at Pentecost Lane
    A shriekin' and dancing till 4 am
    Another night of muscles and pain
    I love you despite your convinctions
    That god never laughs at my jokes

    I'm a young man at odds
    With the bible
    But I don't pretend faith never works
    When we're down on our knees
    Prayin' at the bus stop

    Now Jesus he came in a vision
    And offered redemption from sin
    I'm not sayin' that I don't believe you
    But are you sure that it really was him
    I've been told that it could've been
    Blue cheese

    Or the meal that we ate down the road

  10. Pretty Thing
  11. Video Crime
  12. Run
  13. Sacrifice Yourself
  14. Baby Can DanceVer letra


    letra de Baby Can Dance


    I'm rolling out of the ferris wheel
    No one looks and no one feels
    But the baby can the baby can

    The way it feels just feeling you
    Holding out and falling out
    But the baby can the baby can

    I'm the jumping man
    I'm the jumping man
    But baby can float
    Baby can drown
    Baby can touch her toes
    Toss her hair
    Make you feel you're going nowhere
    Baby can dance
    Baby can dance
    Baby can walk around the town
    Attract a man and cut him down

    I'm the shadow man the jumping jack
    The man who can and don't look back
    But the baby can the baby can

    I'm rolling out of the ferris wheel
    No one looks and no one feels
    But the baby can the baby can

    And the way it feels
    I'm feeling you

    Everyday is far away
    Everyday, everyday
    It's over now
    It's over now

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